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Fridays for Future Calgary Newsletter - September 21

Welcome to the Fridays For Future Calgary Newsletter! Our newsletter is sent bi-weekly and includes updates from our group, climate and environmental news and ways to take action! If you enjoy this newsletter, tell your friends and family to sign up too!

What We've Been Up To

  • Chalking City Hall

    Did you see the chalk messages outside City Hall in the last three weeks? That was us! For the past three Fridays, we’ve been writing messages about a Green New Deal, a Just Recovery from Covid-19, and the climate crisis on the sidewalk outside City Hall, in hopes of educating citizens and persuading our City Council to take meaningful action to fight social injustices and the climate crisis.

Upcoming Events

  • Global Strike this Friday, September 25!

    Join us this Friday, September 25th at City Hall to show our support for the Calgary Green New Deal! We will then follow Extinction Rebellion to McDougall Centre, where we will demand climate action from our provincial government. Please note, we are limiting the event to fifty participants to respect public health guidelines. There are still a few spots left but they may be gone soon. Please fill out the signup on our website if you would like to attend.

    If there are no spots available, please strike with us online by posting a picture of yourself with your favourite sign for climate action using the hashtags #fridaysforfuture #fridaysforfutureyyc #GlobalClimateAction2020.

    Read up on the Calgary Green New Deal 

    Whether or not you’re attending our Green New Deal Rally this Friday, we highly encourage you to check out the Calgary Green New Deal page to get familiar with what a Green New Deal would look like in our city.
  • Returning to striking

    We will then begin to strike outside City Hall every Friday from 12-1, following social distancing guidelines and with other health measures in place, so long as it is safe. We’ll be posting more about our new striking guidelines on social media this week, and will share them in our next newsletter as well.
  • We’ll be on “A Climate of Change”! 

    This Thursday, September 24, at 7:05 pm, a few of our members, alongside a national organizer with Climate Strike Canada will be featured on the Calgary Climate Hub’s “A Climate of Change” webinar! We will be discussing the importance of a Just Recovery from Covid-19, including a Green New Deal in Calgary. You can sign up to watch the zoom cast here or watch the live stream on the Calgary Climate Hub’s Facebook.

Latest Media & Blog Posts

We’re #NotGoingBack to our pre-COVID normal. The future we’re demanding centres people and the climate. View our post on what we're demanding.

Food security is a basic human necessity and one that is far too often overlooked in Canada. 
Here, we’ve outlined what a municipal Green New Deal would ensue in Calgary. We thank everyone within @permeatecalgary who has worked hard to develop this document!
Housing is a basic human necessity and one that is far too often overlooked in Canada. Here, we’ve outlined what a municipal Green New Deal would ensue in Calgary. We thank everyone within @permeatecalgary who has worked hard to develop this document as well!


Find out how climate change is affecting our world and what's being done about it.

Climate Strike Canada and Our Time held a press conference in front of the national Parliament in Ottawa to introduce their #NotGoingBack movement. Learn more about the campaign and their demands by reading this article.

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Some positive news for you this week! An Orca that carried her dead calf for two weeks in 2018, has once again given birth to a healthy new baby! Read more here about this amazing conservation success:
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Sign the Petition to Make Ecocide an International Crime

Here’s the link to a petition to the House of Commons calling upon the Canadian government to declare its support for an amendment to the Rome Statute that makes mass scale environmental destruction an international crime. It can be signed until October 2nd, 2020.

Interested in joining Fridays for Future Calgary?

If you’re under 25 years of age and are interested in becoming more involved in intersectional climate activism in Calgary, we’d love to have you in our group! Depending on your interests, you can join our media committee, newsletter committee, or self-care committee! Message us on Instagram or send us an email and we can schedule a video call for you to meet a few members and get more familiar with what we do.

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