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Fridays for Future Calgary Newsletter - November 2

Welcome to the Fridays For Future Calgary Newsletter! Our newsletter is sent bi-weekly and includes updates from our group, climate and environmental news and ways to take action! If you enjoy this newsletter, tell your friends and family to sign up too!

What We've Been Up To

In the past few weeks, many groups across Canada have held actions in solidarity with Mi’kmaq fisherfolk and all other Indigenous peoples facing hate crimes, police brutality, and other violations of their rights. Last Friday, we hosted a strike in solidarity with Indigenous land defenders and called upon our governments to respect Indigenous rights and soveriegnty. We then joined Idle No More YYC on their march from Reconciliation Bridge to City Hall on Saturday. 

We are continuing to plan more actions in solidarity with land defenders and to fight for cliamte justice. 

Latest Media & Blog Posts

Jason Kenny and the UCP's new currculums were recently leaked. We have made a post outlining all the recommendations and changes the new curriculums suggest and why they are harmful and regressive.


As mentioned above, we joined idle no more on Saturday and hosted a strike of our own last week in solidarity with Indigenous land defenders across the country. 

Here is a compilation of photos from this week’s strike and Idle No more YYC’s march.


Find out how climate change is affecting our world and what's being done about it.

Last week a Federal Court judge ruled that the Canadian government won't be going on trial for contributions to climate change — striking down a lawsuit brought by 15 young Canadians who argued the government was violating their charter rights. Learn more about this and their next steps here

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Some positive news for you! This week scientists discovered a giant pinnacle of coral taller than the Empire State Building! Its discoverers call it the first large new element of Australia’s famous reef system to be identified in more than 120 years!

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Come strike with us!

Right now, one of the best ways to support the fight for climate justice is to take to the streets! While these strikes have been focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the past, we’ve learned that indigenous sovereignty, racial justice and so much more is all a part of climate justice and a better future, and we want to make sure our strikes reflect that! Signs, chants and messaging are not just limited to climate action. We’re at City Hall from 12-1 every Friday. All ages and levels of experience welcome!

  • We require all participants to wear masks for the entire strike and strongly encourage social distancing.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19, or have experienced symptoms yourself in the past 14 days, stay home.
  • If you test positive or suspect that you have Covid-19, and have attended one of our strikes in the past 14 days, please inform us, you can stay anonymous, through email or social media (links at the bottom of this email).
  • If we hear of a case of Covid-19 amongst our strikers, we will suspend all in-person strikes for the next 14 days and will attempt to notify all who have attended a strike with us recently, through social media and our email list. We will also provide hand sanitizer for you to use while at our strikes.

Interested in joining Fridays for Future Calgary?

If you’re under 25 years of age and are interested in becoming more involved in intersectional climate activism in Calgary, we’d love to have you in our group! Depending on your interests, you can join our media committee, newsletter committee, or self-care committee! Message us on Instagram or send us an email and we can schedule a video call for you to meet a few members and get more familiar with what we do.

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