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Fridays for Future Calgary Newsletter - October 5

Welcome to the Fridays For Future Calgary Newsletter! Our newsletter is sent bi-weekly and includes updates from our group, climate and environmental news and ways to take action! If you enjoy this newsletter, tell your friends and family to sign up too!

What We've Been Up To

On September 25th, we returned to the streets to participate in the Global Day of Action, and we had over 75 people show up!  We started at City Hall, where Fridays for Future Calgary lead chalking and a rally supporting Permeate Calgary’s Green New Deal Document. We then marched to McDougall Center, where the Extinction Rebellion held a die-in and rally to demand climate action from our provincial government. A huge thank you to Idle no More, Extinction Rebellion Calgary, the Calgary Climate Hub, and everyone who came or supported us in any way!

You also might have seen a few of us on The Calgary Climate Hub’s “A Climate of Change” on September 24th, where, alongside Adeline Cohen from Climate Strike Canada, we discussed the importance of A National Just Recovery, a Green New Deal for Calgary, and all things related to the youth climate movement! The recording can be found on the Calgary Climate Hub’s Facebook page and will be uploaded to their Youtube Channel soon.

Come Strike With Us!

We’ve returned to weekly striking! We’ll be at City Hall from 12-1 every Friday like we did prior to the pandemic, but with a few additional safety measures.

We require all participants to wear masks for the entire strike and strongly encourage social distancing. If you have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or have experienced symptoms yourself in the past 14 days, stay home.

If you test positive or suspect that you have COVID-19, and have attended one of our strikes in the past 14 days, please inform us, you can stay anonymous, through email or social media. If we hear of a case of COVID-19 amongst our strikers, we will suspend all in-person strikes for the next 14 days and will attempt to notify all who have striked with us recently, through social media and our email list. We will also provide hand sanitizer for you to use while at our strikes.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Latest Media & Blog Posts

Reallocating funding towards social services is a necessity to improve our quality of life and it is far too often overlooked in Canada. 

Here, we’ve outlined what a Green New Deal would begin to look like at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels!
Alternative modes of transit is an important to prioritize to combat urban sprawl, increase accessibility, and reduce emissions. It is far too often overlooked in Canada. 

Here, we’ve outlined what a Green New Deal would begin to look like at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels!
Prioritizing renewable energy generation and green energy jobs are two important aspects to a Just Transition. It is far too often overlooked in Canada as we continue to allow corporations to harm our environment.

Here, we’ve outlined what a Green New Deal would begin to look like at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels!


Find out how climate change is affecting our world and what's being done about it.

Sudan, a country in North Africa, is currently facing the worst flooding recorded in over a century, leaving thousands homeless and many dead. We must acknowledge that those who face the brunt of the climate crisis, are racialized and marginalized communities in the global south. Take a look at this photo article to learn more.

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If you can, please consider donating, to provide vital short-term humanitarian aid as well as aid in the prevention of water-born diseases that will come in the long term.

Some cute and uplifting news for you! A decades-long effort to bring the puffin back to Maine, has been solved through the use of decoys! Check out this amazing conservation success story here:
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Defend Alberta Parks!

Help us prevent the closure and privatization of 175 of Alberta’s beautiful provincial parks!

You can sign the Alberta NDP’s petition to stop these closures and you can also buy a lawn sign, write to your MLA, donate financially, register to volunteer your time and, find other resources from Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's campaign.

Interested in joining Fridays for Future Calgary?

If you’re under 25 years of age and are interested in becoming more involved in intersectional climate activism in Calgary, we’d love to have you in our group! Depending on your interests, you can join our media committee, newsletter committee, or self-care committee! Message us on Instagram or send us an email and we can schedule a video call for you to meet a few members and get more familiar with what we do.

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