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Fridays for Future Calgary Newsletter - September 7

Welcome to the Fridays For Future Calgary Newsletter! Our newsletter is sent bi-weekly and includes updates from our group, climate and environmental news and ways to take action! If you enjoy this newsletter, tell your friends and family to sign up too!

What We've Been Up To

Despite many of us having started school again, both online and in-person, Fridays for Future is as busy as ever with our organizing! We’ve been doing lots of research and writing for Instagram posts, and organizing for lots of upcoming actions!

Upcoming Events

  • Next Strike: September 25th!

    We are thrilled to announce that Fridays for Future Calgary will be demonstrating outside City Hall on Friday, September 25th to demand the implementation of a green new deal here in Calgary! However, we are limiting the event to fifty participants to respect public health guidelines. So, if you’d like to attend, fill out the signup on our website!

    Extinction Rellebillion Calgary will also be holding an event on September 25th. We are in touch with them to assure that the two events don’t conflict with one another. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Climate Strike Canada Just Recovery Teach-In: September 18th!

    Want to know more about a national Just Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, we’ve got the teach-in for you! Climate Strike Canada, a national network of youth fighting for climate justice and indigenous sovereignty which encompasses us, will be hosting a teach-in and panel discussion about climate action and a just recovery. This event will take place on Friday, September 18th from 5-7 pm MT. We will let you know how to register once more information is available.


Find out how climate change is affecting our world and what's being done about it.

A positive and recent news story for you! Check out this article on the rise of conscious young eco-influencers campaigning issues from climate change to biodiversity, and how Tik Tok can save the planet!

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Demand a Just Recovery from the Pandemic!

Climate Strike Canada has created another email generator! This one creates randomized email templates for you to add to (or leave as is) and send to your elected officials to demand a Just Recovery from the numerous crises created by the Covid-19 pandemic

Interested in joining Fridays for Future Calgary?

If you’re under 25 years of age and are interested in becoming more involved in intersectional climate activism in Calgary, we’d love to have you in our group! Depending on your interests, you can join our media committee, newsletter committee, or self-care committee! Message us on Instagram or send us an email and we can schedule a video call for you to meet a few members and get more familiar with what we do.

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