January 1

2022 is Here! Happy New Year!

From our family to yours!

From fishing and making smores at the campfire, to church services and visits over coffee, this has been a great Christmas vacation! We took a recount of God’s many blessings and how the fingerprints of God have covered our days. Now we look to the future with fresh eyes and cover the new year in prayer!

2021 Overview…

SUCH GRACE - Marked our 2021 - And we marvel at how the Lord has worked on our behalf, provided, brought us to a new place and establishes us in Himself wherever we go. Our steps have truly been ordered by God and He delivers us out of trouble! Example - our suburban’s transmission went out in November, but we determined to trust God and let Him work it out - this is our traveling car and we trust that if God wants us to keep GOing He has a plan! INDEED - He DOES!

A new friend calls us randomly a few weeks ago. He says that God laid us on his family’s heart and wanted to help out with our car! Amazingly enough, with that offering and 2 other unexpected gifts, the transmission has been paid for!

GLORY TO GOD! He is with us. He is for us. And He wants to meet us and you - in our faith journeys!

We trust the Lord and He never fails us. Sometimes though, prayers are not answered the way we think they will be, That is when we ask for the peace of God to surpass our understanding and lean into Him with everything we’ve got. We know the Lord is with you in your hard days and pray for you to know and feel His provision for you as well.

It seems surreal at times that we are where we are!

God moved us to Corpus Christi, Texas in the summer and we sold our west Texas home.

God has planted us in a community and with a ministry team with YWAM that love us and embrace who we are. And God keeps providing every step of the way, no matter where we are and where we go. We rest in the fact His love and mercy carry us and that is the driving force of our passion for the lost, the lonely and the left behind. We have a beautiful hope to share with the world that Christ is worth our every breath in this life because of what He has done for us!

Every tiny detail is important to God! Every need our kids have, whether it be braces, friendships, an expedited passport, family memories, fun adventures, God-moments, favor with border guards, and knowing exactly where to allow the suburban to break down! His hand is in all of it! We stand amazed at the power of our God! And with the still, small voice He speaks in…reminding us… its not by might, not by power.. but by His Spirit! (Zechariah 4:6) He woos us, calls to us, invites us to partner with Him, and when we partake …we’re never the same again. To taste and see the Lord’s goodness is to experience God. Dont let that taste leave you and fade away. Let it sooth you and be your comfort.

Have you taken a few moments to recount the ways God had His hand on your 2021? I hope you do! And I pray God reveals things to you about Himself that you never realized before!