The District Occasional 

October 2020
Hi, welcome to the second edition of The District Occasional.  Happy Fall! 
I hope this message finds all of you doing well and finding some time to enjoy this season.  
Events worth Sharing - 
Personally, I have had to train my brain to redefine the term events.  Before becoming a momma I was fortunate enough to work and direct mass participation events, I am talking people everywhere!  We were running, huffing and puffing, hugging, picking up trash and eating pizza.  It was ok.  It was safe.  It was fun.  Events are different these days.  And, that is okay.  They can still be safe. They can still be fun. And, most importantly events can still be enjoyable and memorable.  Below I share with you two events that provide an opportunity to support really great local organizations, have fun and make memories.  We will be there.  Please join us?

Thursday, October 29th - Beer & Gear

Link to Instagram post

If you cannot or  to join in person there are still ways for you to be involved.

Thursday, November 26th

Trees Upstate Turkey Day 5K VR

Link to more information & discount code
Articles Worth Sharing -  
Notes about our Neighborhood - 
  • We will likely have another meeting in Q1 2021.  As a community in partnership with the City of Greenville we are and will continue to determine how to best organize our 'hood 
  • Please let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or ideas for our neighborhood
  • Reminder - you can submit a City service request through Greenville Cares.  It works.  They work!  I put in a request to have the landscaping maintained on the corner of Stone and Rutherford - difficult to run that corner and impossible to maneuver with a stroller.  It was done within a week!  This is something that has bothered our family for years
  • Stratham got repaved!!!  Go Team Stratham!  And, those curb cuts - dang those curb cuts look good!
  • Cook Station is open! Harris Teeter is open!

If you have five minutes.... please let me know how you are doing and if there is anything I can do for you.  I would love to hear from you.

Love & Health to all of you,


A bit about me...

My role in the neighborhood thus far has been the connector.  I have truly enjoyed meeting each of you since we moved into our home at 17 David Street in July 2014.  Thank you for sharing your stories and your life with me and my family.  Currently, we are living 3 blocks away on Jay Street while the RMB team brings our dream home to life!
Bryan, Coy (3) & Leo (1) + Pops (my dad - he's a regular on David Street)

Hiking, Running, Reading, Cooking, making memories with those who matter most

GoodReads - Check out this link for book recommendations 

I'm currently training for a half marathon - want to join me?  I'll be running 13.1miles on my birthday 12/12/20.

Creating systems, saving people time and lots of execution, all the execution

LinkedIn - I find learning about people's work timelines fascinating

Reminder Info Below -

Organizations Worth Sharing –

Have you been to Mountain Goat? 
Did you know that MG exists to provide life changing opportunities to at-risk youth all over Greenville? 
More about GOAT (Great Outdoor Adventure Trips) here

PMAC (Poe Mill Achievement Center) moved into their new home on Buncombe Road next to Grace & Peace.  PMAC’s after school and summer programs allow children to delight, discover and develop through childhood. More info here

GirlUp GVL exists to serve often marginalized middle school and high school girls in Greenville, SC through experience, enrichment, and empowerment. Helping girls reach their full potential and know their true worth and value.More info here

The District Occasional  

The David Street District –
An amazing neighborhood of people

Occasional –
Occurring, appearing, or done infrequently and irregularly
Unpacking that a bit further…
The David Street District –
I have been working with the City of Greenville to form a Neighborhood Association.  Leslie Fletcher is the Communications Manager for the Neighborhood Relations department and she will help us in the coming months. 
Please send me any thoughts, questions or hopes you have.
Occasional –
I plan to send an email to all of you infrequently and irregularly.  You shall hear from me when I believe I have something of importance and value that will be worthy of your time.  
Is there anything in particular you would like to learn about?
The goal of these communications will be to share and connect with each of you.  And, I also hope to connect each of you with each other and with information that may benefit you.

Please note - If you do not live in our 'hood.... you may still find some value in these letters.  I hope you do.  :)

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