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Monday, November 12, 2018

Dear all,

We were doubly blessed in church yesterday: intern Dani Gabriel preacher her first public sermon (which was great–see the link below) and Susan Schwartz, president of Friends of Five Creeks, which runs the Bay Currents lecture series here, gave us a great presentation about both the work of her organization, and a beautiful framework for what stewardship is all about. 

Here's her introduction to her talk (about environmental stewardship, but it applies broadly):
Stewardship implies that you are caring for something that you do not own.
You might choose environmental stewardship because  
“the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”
  • Or the Jewish concept of tikkum olam, healing a broken world, which has both mystical and deeply practical origins
  • Or a duty to past and future generations,
  • Or an understanding that we are a small part of  a marvelously complex and beautiful tiny orb in a marvelously complex and beautiful universe, or perhaps multiverse
In any case, if you are going choose a way to try to make the world a little better,
you had better have some personal reasons, or you won’t stick to it.
  • That might be the pleasure of sweating and getting tired from physical labor in the beauty of nature,
  • And/or  working with a group and seeing results when you finish,
  • and/or the joy of tending as with a garden or a child, with water and plants and animals all around you
  • and/or the creative joy of seeing that you have made a place cleaner or more beautiful or more welcoming to people and wildlife
  • and/or the wonderful, though dwindling, American tradition of volunteerism and civic engagement
  • and/or anger at the hash we have made of things – I am not going to talk about global warming; you have only to look at the sky outside. But by the way, yanking out weeds is a great way to work off  your hostilities.
Susan also provided a great sheet with a slew of suggestions for getting involved in local opportunities to get our hands dirty while giving the planet some healing love. Her handout is here.
If you weren't in church on Sunday, watch your mailbox for your 2019 stewardship packet. Our prayer and pledge in-gathering will be Sunday, December 2, with a special brunch following worship. Meanwhile, the next two Sundays will also offer stewardship-themed forums after worship:
November 18, 2018:  
Our role in being prepared and connected–disaster preparedness

 Practical information, strategic thinking, and caring for our neighbors
November 25, 2018: 
Our role as keepers of the word– stewards of our stories     
Presenter: Dani Gabriel, poet laureate of El Cerrito
Description: What stories do you want to steward? Maybe a story about your
great grandfather, or a secret recipe, or a truth you’ve never told anyone?
Losing our stories means losing who we are. Let’s document our personal
stories and our cherished stories of the community of St. Alban’s.

How we spend our time is a great indicator of our values, and we'd love to know more about what YOU value. Please respond to the survey here to help our leadership intern, LaClaire Atkins, get a picture of how the people of St. Alban's invest their time. (Thank you!)

Special blessings on all who are veterans this week. The office is closed today in honor of the holiday.

May you know God's loving presence, and the company of the saints, in your journey this week.

In love and gratitude,
Rev. Julie

P.S. Click here for intern Dani Gabriel's sermon from Sunday.
Construction news this week:
Interior painting starts this week! Project Manager Loren Moore is tracking down the right lighting retro-fit kits to bring our big pendant lights up to code (and Dani's spouse Jonah, an electrician, is volunteering to rewire them. A HUGE thank you to Jonah!)  No cleanup is needed this week (just fundraising!)

An invitation from Albany Mayor Peggy McQuaid

United Against Hate Week November 11 – 18.
The call for a United Against Hate Week emerged from the cities and community leaders that were a part of the original United Against Hate poster campaign, including Albany. In the Spring of 2018, participants reconvened to expand their United Against Hate message.

With support from Not In Our Town (, a leading anti-hate organization, additional communities have joined in the effort to launch an inaugural Week of Action scheduled for November 11-18, 2018. During this week, each city will convene and host events including rallies, film screenings, art projects, speakers, community dialogues and storytelling workshops. These activities will provide a dynamic way to increase engagement across each city, and support Bay Area residents who are standing up to hate in their communities.

The City of Albany, Albany Unified School District, University Village and the Albany Community Foundation are joining together to present Near Normal Man, an award winning documentary film of a deeply personal story of racism and genocide, surviving and remaining human. The film screening and conversation will take place on Friday, November 16 at 6 pm in the University Village Community Center, 1123 Jackson St. Albany. This film is appropriate for high school students and adults. Children’s activities will be provided for younger children. The film will be introduced and the discussion following the viewing will be led by Charlene Stern, daughter of Ben Stern and the film’s producer and director. The evening’s activities will begin at 6:00 with pizza and end at 7:30 pm.
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more information,
Peggy McQuaid
Mayor, City of Albany
1000 San Pablo Ave.
Albany CA 94706

Worship Rota for Sunday, November 18, 2018
(The Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Pentecost)

Holy Eucharist, 10 am in the Parish Hall
Acolytes:         LeClaire Atkins, Chanthip Phongkhamsavath
Altar Guild:     Sondra Lavrov, Deborah Tabor
Coffee hour:     No Host Coffee Hour
Counters:         Mary Doleman, Marge Black
Cupbearers:     Sandy Burnett, Ade Akanni
Lectors:             Sondra Lavrov
, Don Goerlitz
Usher:               Marge Black, Beth Beller
Visitor greeter: Dani Gabriel

Parish Cycle of Prayer
If you were there,  pray for those seated near you at church on Sunday.  

Barbara Counsell is home and on hospice care. Please contact Stuart Counsell if you'd like to visit: 510-604-8060.

Barbara Lindgren is home and is so grateful for cards, visits and all the love she is receiving. She loves having brief visits. (She lives with Eric at 801 Carmel Ave, Albany.) Check with Eric for best times to stop by.

Talbot Richardson has moved to Lakeside Park Memory Care near Lake Merritt in Oakland. Carole is joining him there later this week. Their new address is 468 Perkins Street, Oakland, CA 94610. Telephone is 510-230-0339. Visitors are welcome!

Please also pray for those who are home-bound and/or healing at this time: Burt Kessler, William Langston, Tim Sisson, and Charlotte Wilson. (If you would like to be on this list, or know of other parishioners who should be noted here, please let us know.)

In our regular cycle of prayers, please remember:
Helen and Meso Tadeo and Asha; Fred Treadwell; Mike & Lori Trevino, Liliana and Carina; Sam Turner & Meighan Moore

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Please pray for the five applicants for postulancy (the first formal step toward ordination) who are gathered, with the Commission on Ministry at the annual Vocations Conference at the Bishop's Ranch. 

Birthdays: Richard Cushman (Wednesday), Bob Bennett, Maria Kern (Saturday)

If your birthday is missing in the weekly email, please let the church know so that it can be added to our birthday rota!
Thanksgiving is coming,
and the Tofurkey is getting fat!

(Or was that the Turduckin?)

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 22. 

Dani and Joshua Gabriel have graciously offered
to host the annual potluck. 

Please be in touch with
Dani if you'd like to help out!

This Week 
  Monday, November 12
             Office Closed in Observance of Veteran's Day

  Tuesday, November 13                             
             St. Alban's Eats will meet at  6pm at Mangia Mangia
             Friends of Five Creeks  "Bay Currents" Lecture series
                       7:00-9:00 pm in the Parish Hall (free)

                          This month: Wildlife Corridors – Pathways for Survival    
                       with Dr. James "Doc" Hale

 Wednesday, November 14
          Tai Chi 10-12 Parish Hall
Healing Prayer Service  12pm in the Library
        Albany Irish Dance for Adults 7:30-8:30 pm

         Beginning Irish Dance for Kids 6:30-7:30 pm

 Thursday, November 15 
         Morning Prayer  8:00 am in the Library
          Benedictine Spirituality Group  6-8 pm in the Library
          Tai Chi  6:15-8:15 pm in the Parish Hall

Friday, November 16 
          Sandwich-making for the Albany Shower Program
8 am in the Kitchen

Sunday, November 18
           Worship at 10 am in the Parish Hall            

           Coffee Hour and Forum following Worship in the Parish Hall
Vestry meets at 12 noon in the library.
           Antika Bulgaria 3:30-6:00 pm in the Library

             Third Sunday Concert Series features Musa Baroque
             Derek Tam and friends play Baroque & Classical music. 
              4 pm in the Parish Hall (flyer below)
on sale now!

Next Week

Monday, November 19     
           Tai Chi Drop-In for Experienced Students 6:15-8:15 pm
              in the Parish Hall
Tuesday, November 20
          Centering Prayer 6:15 - 7:15 pm in the  Nursery
             St. Alban's Eats will not meet this week.
  Wednesday, November 21
        Fall Tai Chi 10-12 Parish Hall
      Healing Prayer Service  12pm in the Library
          Beginning Irish Dance for Kids 6:30-7:30 pm
       Albany Irish Dance for Adults 7:30-8:30 pm

 Thursday, November 22  (Thanksgiving)
         Office closed for Thanksgiving
        Thanksgiving Potluck  12-3 Parish Hall
        Morning Prayer  8 am in the Library
        Benedictine Spirituality Group  6-8 pm in the Library
           Tai Chi  6:15-8:15 pm in the Parish Hall

   Friday, November 23
             Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday            

          Sandwich-making for the Albany Shower Program
8 am in the Kitchen
   Sunday, November 25
           Worship at 10:00 am in the Parish Hall 
            Coffee Hour and Forum follow worship.  




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