February 2021
Here is a snapshot of the happenings at your school!
St. Paul's Spotlight
Watch this video to learn more about St. Paul's Education Committee from Anthony Malon.
Catechism Happenings
What's been happening in the 7th & 8th grade Catechism class?  Read Isaiah Berg's article to learn more about the class. Click here to read the article.
Where Are Our Chapel Offerings Going?
This semester our chapel offerings are supporting the work of the Lutheran Church of Ethiopia (LCE). St. Paul’s is part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) which teaches and believes the same things as the LCE. Our offerings, along with many other WELS churches and schools all across the country, are working together to support the work of the LCE. There are many people all over the world who do not know how much God loves them and what He has done for them. The LCE is working to change this in Ethiopia. With our support they are working to complete the building of Maor Lutheran Seminary so they can train others to go out and share the Gospel. While our offerings are going to the LCE this semester, the greatest way we can support their work is through prayer. They face opposition and many challenges while they carry out God’s work and prayer is the greatest way we can support that work. 

Fast Facts about the LCE (from the WELS website)

  • Baptized national members: 421

  • Organized congregations: 1

  • Preaching centers: 4

  • National pastors: 1

  • National evangelists: 4

It's Enrollment Season

Summer Care Program

Enrollment Schedule*:
February 7-13
St. Paul's church members only
February 14-27 
St. Paul's church members and currently enrolled families only
February 28
Open enrollment until full
* Please note that we do not accept enrollment forms prior to your applicable enrollment date.

2021-2022 Preschool
Enrollment Schedule*:
February 28-March 6
St. Paul's Church members only
March 7-20
St. Paul's Church members and currently enrolled families only
March 21
Open enrollment until full
* Please note that we do not accept enrollment forms prior to your applicable enrollment date.
Valentine's Day Boxes
Once again Mrs. Burow's 3rd graders pulled out all the stops when creating Valentine's Day boxes.  For over 10 years, her students have been making amazing boxes. What a wonderful way to express their God-given creativity.
Faculty Makes Use of Additional Tables
Two new tables for the Commons provide a perfect setting for the staff to start each day.  St. Paul's pastors and teachers gather in the Commons each morning for devotions, Bible study and meetings.  This year the staff is using the Lutheran Catechism for their devotions.  Using the scriptural truths presented in the Catechism has lead to many meaningful discussions as to how to apply the truths to lessons and situations in the classrooms.  On Tuesday mornings a pastor leads a Bible study.  They are currently studying the book of Ephesians. On Mondays and Wednesdays the devotion is followed by staff meetings.  
She Shoots! She Scores!
When asked to help at school, Mrs. Free will always give it her best shot. Read more...
God Has Blessed Our School With
Over 100 In Person Days of School
On Monday, February 8th, Kindergarteners dress up as 100 year olds for the 100th day of school. They enjoyed many activities during the day that revolved around the theme of 100.  On Tuesday, February 9th, the first graders entered their classroom through a doggie door to begin their day of celebrating 101 days of school using the theme of 101 Dalmatians.
Cosmic Badgers' Win Caps Memorable Season
Each year, dozens of St. Paul's students in grades 5-8 compete in an intramural basketball season. Once they sign-up, they are placed on teams and compete against one another during noon recess. During the regular season, the Vomiteers (Isaiah, Kiana, Kesley, Owen) were the team to beat, earning a league leading record of 8 wins and 2 losses
The playoffs were a different story, however, as they met a red-hot Cosmic Badgers team (Devon, Brice, Peyton, Darby/Vivien) in the championship game. The Cosmic Badgers got off to a great start with a 3 pointer by Devon (shown on right) and never looked back, winning the game by a score of 9 to 6.

Whatever the outcome, we were thrilled to see the students glorify God not only with their talents, but also their exceptional sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard effort. We also especially appreciated the students who cheered at the championship game. It made for a fun enviornment!
Basketball Season Posters
It has been a joy to follow our basketball and cheer teams this year. Since there have been fewer fans at our games this year due to COVID restrictions, we put together some posters to celebrate our athletes and to introduce them to our school and church community.

These posters were quite fun to put together. It starts with Miss Rothe taking a picture of each athlete. The photo background is then removed using photo software, and the students are then placed together into a team composite. It's been especially fun seeing the younger students interact with the posters in the hallways. They really look up to the "big kids!"
God's Word in Preschool
Jaxon and Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man
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