January 2021
Here is a snapshot of the happenings at your school!

Crowley & Gurgel Work Side by Side

St. Paul’s K-8 Administration Team

St. Paul's school secretary and principal work side by side behind the scenes.  Click here to read more about who they are and what they do.

Maddox & Klatt Work Hand in Hand

St. Paul’s Preschool Administration Team

Director Mrs. Maddox and secretary Mrs. Klatt use teamwork to keep things humming along in Preschool.  Click here to get a better glimpse of who they are and how they work together.
Mr. Physical Education

Mr. Miller is at the helm of many PE classes. He teaches 2nd grade PE on Wednesdays while Mrs. Berg teaches upper grade music. He has the 3rd graders moving on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Mrs. Burow teaches upper grade Home Economics. His 3rd PE group of the week is his own 5th and 6th graders who have class Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

This year the 2nd graders have played soccer so they could practice how to dribble and pass.  During their football unit  they learned how to throw and handoff the ball to build their skills for flag football.  One of the highlights for the 3rd graders making a frisbee course at school so they could play Frisbee golf.  The 5th & 6th graders have enjoyed Frisbee golf at the Centennial Park course.  They also have done archery in our gym and at Outdoor Campus.

Mr. Miller is looking forward to the upcoming balance unit for 2nd grade and for the 3rd-6th grade unit on floor and scooter hockey. He really likes seeing the teamwork shown by all the grades. Outdoor PE classes are a favorite of the students, especially archery and Frisbee golf.

Home Ec

A Home Economics class is offered to students if you are not involved in band. Mrs. Burow conducts lessons in life skills for 6 boys and 9 girls in grades 5-8 on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  The class is held in the fellowship hall which accommodates social distancing. 

The class has been fine-tuning their crocheting skills by creating scarves and beanies. They are currently making masks to donate to the community.  Taste buds are watering as the students look forward to an upcoming baking unit.

Mrs. Burow said that she loves seeing the kids getting “hooked” on some of the skills for life such as crocheting. She also commented that seeing students crocheting when they are not is class is really cool.

Mrs. Anderson Loves to Help Children

Mrs. Anderson is a full-time teacher’s aide spending the majority of her day in the 2nd grade classroom and concluding her day in the Kindergarten room.  Read More...

Budding Authors and Ilustrators
The first graders enjoy read aloud book videos during snack time.  They have become inspired by authors and illustrators that they know.  The 7th & 8th graders wrote and illustrated stories which they recorded. The first graders we absolutely delighted to hear the teenage voices reading their books.  The illustrations were also quite impressive. 
St. Paul's School Library Continues
to be a Literacy Resource
Our school library has been a blessing to our students for many years. This year is no exception, but the way our students get connected to those books has changed a bit!

Every two weeks, St. Paul's member, Maryanne Rohrer, takes a look at teacher book requests and then creates book stacks for each classroom, grades K-4. The stacks contain books of all kinds: books about things students are currently interested in, fiction books and nonfiction books, and books of all levels so that each student can find a book that is a "just right fit." These library books stay in each classroom for students and the teacher to enjoy. 

We so appreciate Mrs. Rohrer's dedication to keeping our library running, so that our students can continue to grow as readers!
A-Team Boys Basketball 
Boys basketball season has begun.  This year's team is comprised of eight 7th & 8th graders.  Most of these players have been playing together since 3rd grade, so this team has a great chemistry. 

Lew Hoyt is the A-team head coach, with Brandon Stackenwalt as the assistant coach.  Elijah Hoyt helps out with the team as his schedule allows. 
B-Team Boys Basketball
Head Coach Hannah Rothe is in her first year as our B team basketball coach. She is assisted by Kerry Engel and Maddi Johnson, who is a St. Paul's alumni and former St. Paul's basketball player.

Thirteen boys in grades 3 - 5 make up the team. About half of the boys are playing for St. Paul's for the first time, which is very exciting! 
St. Paul's Cheerleaders
The cheerleading squad coached by Michelle Wasson
is ready and raring to cheer on our boys. We are looking forward to seeing what types of cheers and stunts they will put together this season.
God's Word in Preschool
Daxon and Children Obey Your Parents
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