September 2020
Here is a snapshot of the happenings at your school!
In God's Word Together: My Devotions
Each family is receiving a year subscription to My Devotions for this school year. It will come in a total of four different books. We love these devotions because they keep Jesus as the main focus. There is no greater gift a parent can give than the Word of God on a daily basis. We pray that this book will be a blessing to you and your children this year and beyond! Even if you forgot to use it to this point, it's not too late to start!
September 11th is a day of special remembrance for all Americans.  The staff and children said prayers for our country and spent time in each classroom doing an activity in honor of 9/11.
Pictures of PreK-8th Gr. Activities

Thumbs up for a new bus!
Soon our new bus doors will open to take our children to many learning destinations.  New seats have been ordered from the manufactor and will be installed ASAP. 
It will not be long before the lettering and logo will be placed on the outside of the bus. The inside of the bus looks like.....
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Sunday School
Classes started on Sunday, September 13th.  This year the children will learn about the plan of salvation from beginning to end.
During the start of the year they will learn some of the Old Testament promises and lessons will transition to Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. At the end of the year they will see how the gospel spread and grew in the early church.  Each Sunday there will be an opportunity for the children to bring a mission offering.  The offering will go to support the new WELS church in Brandon, SD - Sure Foundation Lutheran Church.
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Mrs. Hemmelman and Miss Rothe

Our new teachers knew each other before they moved to Rapid City. They  got to know each other well when Mrs. Hemmelman’s husband was vicaring in Colorado and Miss Rothe was teaching out there.  They taught at "rival" schools which made it fun to see each other at soccer and basketball games. They also got to know each other through a lot of fun faculty get-togethers between the schools and churches! They did live on opposite sides of Denver. Mrs. Hemmelman was in the northeast and Miss Rothe was in the southeast part of Denver. 
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St. Paul's Lighting Project

The Lighting Project will benefit our school because it eliminates the lighting maintenance cost of the tubes and ballasts along with reducing the electric costs of running the lights.  The lighting crew started in July working on weekends and finished just before school started with the gym lights being the last ones to be installed. Gym lights took about 2.5 days with setting up scaffolding and taking it down plus removing and replacing the lights.

Virtually all lights in the building are LEDs either retrofitted or .....

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St. Paul’s Volleyball season has begun. A dozen athletes in grades 5-8 are serving up some exciting matches.  They are coached by Miss Rothe, Mrs. Benda and Mrs. Wasson .

Upcoming Matches

Cross Country

Thirteen athletes in grades 5-8 have started their season. They continue to workout to stay in shape to run about 2 miles during their meets. They are coached by Pastor Berg and Mr. Miller.

Upcoming Meets

St. Paul's Mission Offerings are going to support Sure Foundation Lutheran Church in Brandon, SD.  May the Lord bless this new congregation as it launches it worship services on September 20th.
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