October 2020
Here is a snapshot of the happenings at your school!
October is Pastor Appreciation Month
This October, we consider a blessing greater than all the physical gifts God gives us: He has given us faithful shepherds in our lives who not only lead and encourage us in faith and the Word of God, but are constantly praying for us and supporting us until we join them in heaven. We will likely never truly understand the sacrifices these men make out of love for us. We pray that each of us is motivated to share our appreciation with our three faithful pastors during this month and always. 
St. Paul's pastors visit about working together to meet the mission of the church.
After School Program
Mrs. Abby Hemmelmen has two high school seniors helping her supervise children after school. Rhett Svarstad who attends Central High School and Canon Tenold who attends St. Thomas More High School both said that they enjoy playing with the children.  They especial enjoy children trying to beat them at a game of basketball. 

Each day the supervisors and children gather in the church fellowship hall at 3:30. After taking attendance, having a snack and listening to a devotion the crew of about 30 students heads out to the playground.  Usually around 5:00 the group goes back to the fellowship hall. All students are picked up by parents by 5:30. As the weather gets a little chiller they will make use of the gym when it is available.  When they spend time in the fellowship hall the students have opportunity to use a wide variety of STEM materials
Hot Lunch Program
This is the eighth year that Catered Two has provided hot lunch for our students.  Each day cook and server DJ Phibbs brings the meals to school and serves the children with a smile and polite conversation.  Mrs. Crowley offers a hand with serving when needed.  Each day she cleans the trays and makes sure the kitchen is clean and ready for the next day. Catered Two provides 4 weeks of planned meals that are rotated throughtout the year for 25-45 students per day.
Outdoor Classrooms
Our students have been making use of the two outdoor classrooms every day this Fall.  They have been used by our students to learn science, social studies, language arts and God's Word.  The older students have eaten their lunches on the tables.  When the school expressed a desire to have an outdoor learning space for our students, tables were donated by the Heitsch family, Joswiak family and Burow family.  We thank these families and the Lord for blessing us by providing what we needed to offer educational activites in fresh air spaces.
Panther for a Day Goes Virtual
Panther Day
On Friday, October 9th our school participated in the Great Plains Lutheran High School Panther for a Day Homecoming.  Students wore the Panther colors of blue, gray and white.  We made a school video cheering for the Panthers complete with a race car revving its engine. The race car video and a third grade cheer video was included in the Panther Homecoming Pep Rally.  The students enjoyed watching the Pep Rally which was made even more fun for them by seeing themselves included.  Having a real race car for the children to explore added to the excitement of the day.  Thank you to the Anthony & Amy Kress family for bringing #95 to school.
Black Hills Raptor Center Show-N-Tell
Ladies from the Black Hills Raptor Center shared a handful of birds on Friday, October 16th.  The children enjoyed seeing God's creatures of the air.  It was very interesting to learn how the raptors came to the Raptor Center, how they care for them and how the birds are alike and different.  It was a very engaging presentation because the ladies gave really good answers to students questions.

We also appreciated that the Black Hills Raptor Center gave their presentation 3 times so that we could have smaller groups with safe spacing.  We would also like to thank church member Jim Weimer for helping with the planning and expenses of the program.
Fall Sports
Coach Miller and Coach Berg have witnessed all of the members of the Cross Country team improve by leaps and bounds this season.  So many of the atheletes have personal records in the books. With each meet the athletes gave it their best efforts which gave God the glory.


Coach Rothe and Coach Benda saw first hand the strides the girls made with teamwork every time they took to the floor.  With every match, spectators were impressed with the improvement of the volleyball fundamentals of the girls. 

This Fall's sports season has concluded with so many wonderful memories for the coaches and athletes which have focused on using their gifts and talents to the best of their abilities.


God's Word in Preschool
Catherine and Moses
Mrs. Maddox visits with one of Jesus' little lambs.
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