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Featured move
Ochenta is Spanish for eighty – I found this one to be super easy to learn, and fun to do. If you already know sombrero, I think you will too. 

Ochenta takes place over four iterations of 8-count, or, in musical terms – 8 bars.

* Start with a sombrero
* Towards the end of the sombrero, instead of putting hands behind heads, the lead lets the follows’ hands come down in front of the follow, between them
* Continuing to holding both of the follows’ hands throughout, the lead then does something like an enchufla on the first half of the second 8-count
* On the second half of the second 8-count, still holding the follows’ hands overhead, the lead does an outside turn
* At this point – the third 8-count, the leads does another sort of enchufla, once again lifting both of the follows’ hands over the follows’ head
* The move begins to wrap up by finishing up the original sombrero, with the lead placing the follows arm behind the leads’ head for the last half of the third 8-count
* For the fourth 8-count, the follow crosses back over towards guapea

I’m once again not sure that this description really does the move justice, but the videos do!
View this move
Hope you enjoyed this move, we’ll send another next week!
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