This past Saturday – March 30 2019 – was International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day.

Our local rueda group didn’t hear about it until the Thursday just prior but was able to quickly organize and mobilize to do a flash mob at our local main library. It was an impressive group effort and went off without a hitch.

There’s an International Rueda De Casino Flash Mob Day website with details about the flash mob day and videos from groups around the world. Below I’ve included a few videos from our group.
A fun video that our teacher Andres made
Halifax NS - International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day 2019
Full video of both songs we did for the International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day 2019
Featured Move
Enchufla Con Clave
Enchufla Con Clave is a rueda de casino move. You could think of it as a variation on enuchfla or on the festival de pelotas, themselves variations on enchufla.

Here’s how it works... Start with an enchufla. Immediately after the enchufla, as the leads begins to move to their next partner, the group claps a clave pattern. 3-2 son clave seems to be the more commonly used clave.

What is clave? In addition to being the instrument on which the clave rhythm is played, it’s also the term for a core foundation of Afro-Cuban rhythm that tends to be a persistent thread throughout latin american music whether it be played or implicit – spoke of in the same essence-of-life tones as the ‘triggaman’ motif in New Orleans bounce. Variations on clave – rumba clave, son clave, etc – can be heard throughout Cuban and latin music, whether it be salsa, son, rumba, timba, etc. It’s also familiar to rock music audiences as the Bo Didley beat. Here’s the son clave pattern written out:

More on the clave:
View this move
Enchufla Con Clave
vivalasalsaLV demonstrate Enchufla Con Clave

In Other News

Ritmo Cuba
Ritmo Cuba dancing festival with classes and activities runs April 22-28th

Dauyon Dance Havana Trip 2019
Our rueda teacher is taking a group to Havana for a smaller tour of classes, dancing and activities April 16-23rd – I believe it may be too late to sign up now, but perhaps next year if this becomes an annual thing!

A few miscellaneous bits of Havana news
Venues: I hear that a number of venues are now closed either temporarily for renovations including 1830 and the Casa De Musica Centro. New venues include a new Casa De Musica at the cultural centre La Plaza at 31 y 2.
Havana Biennial: In non-dance news the Havana Biennial runs April 12-May 12 2019 and includes artists from 50 countries working with the theme “The Construction of the Possible”.
That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!
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