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Featured move

Our first featured move, Croqueta is is a Cuban casino move. According to Google Translate, the name translates to croquette in English, and like many things in Cuban salsa, I couldn’t begin to guess how the name correlates to the move. Croquetta is something of an enchufla variation, inasmuch as it starts with an enchufla

Here’s a bit about it:

  • Start with an enchufla
  • At approximately the 6 count of your enchufla, the lead crosses hands – so the lead’s right hand is taking the follow’s right hand now
  • Next, the lead then steps forward as with a dile que no, while signalling the follow to come around in front of the lead, crossing over to the lead’s left side, the follow may place a hand on the lead’s shoulder at this point
  • You can now switches back to guapea, with lead holding with their left hand the follows right hand.

This is a simple move – I’m not sure my description did it justice – watch the video, for a clearer idea of what’s going on – but it’s fun to do, and looks good on the dance floor.

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