Book: Rueda!: ...or "Rueda Makes The World Go Around!" - Daniel Allen

This slim book reads like a series of anecdotes and half-formed thoughts dashed off in an afternoon by someone who, while enthusiastic about rueda, knows very little about it’s history, then sent directly to the printer without editing. 

The book has sections on resources, some descriptions of figures, rueda games, a bit about learning to call, and general information and tips.  

The first volume in this series – with a red cover and dedicated to salsa – wasn’t so poor, in my estimation, but this one feels like it was written in haste. I can’t particularly recommend it – Dancing the Beautiful Wheel would be a better title to take a look at– but you may nevertheless find something of interest between these very green covers. 

Featured Move

Vacila el tren

Here’s a fun vacila variation. It starts with a vacila around the 3 count, as the follow is turned away from the lead, the lead places their hands on the follows shoulders. They couple then walk forward on the 5-6-7 count – it may be tricky to wrap your head around taking the first step forward on the 5, and then the first step backwards on the 1, but it makes sense in terms of maintaining the integrity of the steps in the overall scheme of things. Around the 7/8 count, the lead preps the follow with a slight twist of the shoulders to the right, then releases that tension into a turn to the left. The follow then executes a turn or two, and the couple then should end up in a suitable position for dile que no.
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Son De Habana of Colombia demonstrates vacila del tren
Events Some intriguing events in Cuba  this summer
  • The Asocosalsa group from Venezuela is organizing concerts June 28-30 featuring Van Van, Pedrito Calvo, Manolito Simonent, Isaac Delgado , Maykel Blanco, Klimax, Mayito Rivera, Haila, Alexander Abreu, and more
  • The First International Timba Festival August 2-4 in Havana featuring a stellar lineup including Azucar Negra, El Nino y la Verdad, Bamboleo, Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini, Klimax, Havana de Primera, Adalberto Alvarez, Issac Delgado, Pupy y Los que son son, NG La Banda, Manolito Simonent, Maykel Blanco, Van Van and more
  • The second Varadero Josone Jazz & Son Festival is coming to Varadero from August 22-25 featuring big names like Van Van, Adalberto Alvarez, Pupy y Los Que Son Son, Paul FG, Manolito Simonent, Havana de Primera, Alain Perez, Halia, Buena Fe, El Chacal, and more
A few Montreal concerts for fans of Cuban music
  • July 13 - Laritza Baccalo at The Belmont in Montreal - Laritza Baccalo brings her infectious Cuban pop to an intimate Montreal venue
  • Aug 13 - Alain Pérez is playing La Tulipe in Montreal - they also have dates at festivals in Chicoutimi and Gaspé – direct from Havana Cuba, this is an artist worth traveling for!
Of interest to our Halifax readers
  • Thu June 20 - Haliente on the Waterfront - call them foolishly trusting in Nova Scotian summer if you will, but Haliente is starting up salsa night on the waterfront 8:30pm-10:30pm
  • Sat June 22 - Latin Night at Jamaican Vibes with DJ Junior 10:30pm-2am salsa, bachata, merengue, regueton and more
  • Thu June 27 - Haliente on the Waterfront 8:30pm - 10:30pm
  • Sat June 29 - Latin Night Live - Marcel Amores and Plan Ashé are at the Fickle Frog
  • Sat June 29 - Haliente Second Studio Grand Opening 7:30pm-1am - a mix of performance/class/dancing, bachata, afrobeats, salsa, etc.
  • Wed July 3 - Free To Move on the Waterfront – Free To Move socials are back on the waterfront for July and August, starting Wednesday July 3rd, 6pm-10:30pm
  • Fri July 12 - Sheila E - timbalero and Prince alumni Sheila E brings a little bit of the glamorous life to the Halifax Jazz Fest
  • Sat July 13 - Pedrito Martinez at Halifax Jazz Fest – not to be missed – this Cuba-via-New York conguero, singer and bandleader should be spectacular
That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!
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