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Dear Mr Barth

Last week the international convention ITB Berlin took place. As always it was great to meet a lot of new people and also meet some old friends. However, in the recent years ITB has scaled and become really big and amidst the packed agenda one misses the opportunity to have time to reconnect, switch off and build friendships. Probably, it is reflective of our industry where we are always on the go and the deadline for everything is yesterday. A change from the norm let’s deliberately take some time for discussions, pause to understand our business partners, learn and create something new together with friends.
Join us at the next World Tourism Forum Lucerne where we go deeper, imbibe other perspectives, learn from others and exchange between sectors, generations and industries. Business is built on friendships and building friendships takes time!

See you soon at World Tourism Forum Lucerne on 4 - 5 May 2017.

Kind regards
Martin Barth
President & CEO
Promoting Sustainable Tourism for Development top

Tourism is growing faster than the global economy. After passing 1 billion international visitors in 2012, (1.2 billion in 2016) the global industry is expecting 1.8 billion visitors by 2030. Especially in the developing world the tourism is showing the fastest growth and holds significant potential to reduce poverty.
Countries are in need of help and direction to manage their destinations so that tourism can deliver the best possible outcome for their people and economies. Delve into the article of John Perrottet, Senior Tourism Specialist at World Bank and Keynote Speaker at World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017, and reflect on the World Bank’s approach to supporting tourism for development. 

Co-opetition - Think outside the box top

Co-opetition, namely the co-presence of cooperation and competition, is a strategy that goes beyond the established business paradigms of competition and cooperation. The relevance of coopetition for the tourism industry has to do, among other aspects, with the fact that tourism destinations typically contain numerous small businesses that compete with one another, but these same firms also cooperate to attract visitors and compete with other destinations.
This year’s Next Generation Competition deals with this increasingly important and dynamic topic. The participants will present a concept that includes an analysis of their business case including an identification of cooperative and competitive elements and will learn a lot about how a co-opetitive strategy is able to create benefits for organisations.

Climbing high – the three Tourism Star Finalists are selected top

Being committed, passionate and enthusiastic are key traits to succeed in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. On 4 May 2017 we honour three outstanding professionals for being flag bearers of what a Tourism Star needs to be and for being successful in putting their passion into action. The Tourism Star Award will be presented in cooperation with UNWTO at the Forum. Have a look at the video introductions/submissions of the three Tourism Star award finalists and we hope their journey inspires you as much as it inspired us. 

myclimate and WTFL – a logical Partnership top

For more than ten years, myclimate has worked on the field of climate protection and leveraging sustainability worldwide. We consider our long time partnerships in tourism as key for the joint attainment of active and measurable climate protection!
The World Tourism Forum has established itself as a forward-looking, innovative tourism platform with huge international force. As a Premium Partner, myclimate has thus found itself a perfect stage.
myclimate is looking forward to your participation, inspiring contact and discussions on tourism and sustainability at World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017.

Register for World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017 top
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