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New Year's Resolutions with BACtrack

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New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. For those looking to amend bad habits with regards to alcohol consumption in 2016, science tells us that having strategies and digital tools at hand greatly aid the likelihood of making changes stick.

Wilhelm Hofmann of the University of Chicago led a study recently tracking people’s reactions to temptations throughout a typical day. The results highlight an interesting dichotomy - the people with the best self-control were the ones who used their willpower less often.

Individuals who had the most success set up routines and had digital tools that allowed them to avoid temptation and therefore didn't need pure willpower to make changes permanent.

Don't just rely on your willpower to succeed - set yourself up for success with a Professional Grade BACtrack.

A Pro Grade BACtrack can accurately tell you how much alcohol you've consumed, enabling you to know when to stop, switch to water, or call a cab. With a smartphone enabled breathalyzer like BACtrack Mobile, you can even estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%, making smarter decisions while drinking effortless. 

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