Accessman Lakes delivers machines to Calder Developments at Cardona Ski Field 
Some of you may have seen Andie and Pagen out & about in our nice, sparkly new, coffee car. They have been doing office visits, site visits and a few events as well.  If you have an event coming up; some of your own customers you think deserve a coffee shout; or even a Health & Safety meeting where you want to treat your staff then give us a call or flick us an email.
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If you have been watching DUKE TV over the last few weeks you might have spotted our new advert.  Click on the image above to see what happens when you combine 2 sales reps, 1 truck driver and a great production company!
The Telehandler is versatile machine predominantly used to move and lift materials around building sites. This makes them perfect for building and construction sites and farms, where they will increase efficiency by reducing labour requirements.

This machine is unbeatable for manoeuvrability; it has an extremely tight turning circle and three different steering modes making it possible to position the machine accurately for best reach. Steering modes include: Front or Two Wheel Steer, Round or Four Wheel Steer and Crab Steer.

Our telehandlers are powered by a four cylinder Deutz turbo-charged diesel engine, perfectly suited for driving the machine in all conditions. Additional stabilisation can be added using optional outriggers which also significantly increase the load capacity at maximum reach.

Adding to this machines versatility; fork, bucket and crane extensions are also available

In our last newsletter we were waiting for our BIG 41m Knuckleboom to arrive. And arrive it did.  Here are just a few action shots of our newest fleet member.
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March saw the final round of the Southern Midget Series
at Ruapuna Speedway.
Finishing 2nd in heat 1, and 3rd in heat 2.  A front row start for the 15 lap feature race put the team in great position.  Unfortunately a mechanical fault caused a last place finish. However, on points the team finished the series
1st  by half a point! 
Well done Glen and the Accessman Racing team!!!  Rest well and we look forward to seeing you all back out there next season.
Accessman Training Centre
From the desk of Al
Glossary of common EWP (Elevated Work Platform) terms.
We often get asked or assume that you, our valued clients know what we mean when we refer to curtain features or points on our equipment. To that end, I thought we might give you some of the names and a brief description of their meaning.

Anchor/Anchorage Point.  A designated strong point for the attachment of the safety harness.
Bleed Down Valve (emergency decent valve).   A valve in the hydraulic system that allows oil in the ram or cylinder to escape under control back to the oil tank, and in turn allowing the boom or scissor to be lowered in an emergency.
Deadman Pedal / Switch.  Safety device to prevent accidental activation of controls.
Emergency Stop.  A button (s) which when pressed stops all operation of the machine in the case of emergency.  Generally these are large red button located at both upper and lower controls.
Lanyard.  The line used to connect the safety harness to the approved anchorage points.
Motion Alarm.  Sounds a warning to personnel that the machine is moving. Sometimes in association with a flashing light.
Outrigger / Stabilizer.  Mechanical legs and or jacks used to support the EWP and improve stability by leveling and increasing the footprint of the machine on the ground.
Safe Working Load (SWL).   The total weight that can be raised in the platform. Operators, tools and equipment is not to exceed the SWL. Decal found on or near the door/entrance to your machine.
Tilt / Inclination alarm.  This device warns the operator that the machine has reached is maximum allowable inclination (tilt) and should be returned or lowered to the ground, and repositioned.
Next month, choosing the right machine for the job, a series of discovery questions you should ask yourself when deciding which machine meets your needs for the job at hand, till then….Keep Safe!
The IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training programme was developed by leading industry professionals aimed at platform operators. IPAF training is certified by TÜV as conforming to the international standard ISO 18878 Mobile elevated work platforms - Operator (driver) training and ISO 9901 Quality Management Systems.
  • The PAL (Powered Access License) card is valid for 3 years nationally and 5 years internationally
  • The PAL card is internationally recognised
  • The card can be instantly verified via an online database
  • Expert training by leading industry professionals in small class sizes
  • On completion, participants receive a PAL card, log book and an operator handbook

1 machine - 1/2 day duration; 2 machines - 1 day duration;
3 machines - 1 1/2 day duration.
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