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Accessman are excited to announce that we are now an IPAF approved training centre
We are rolling out IPAF accredited training nationwide and are proud to be the first organisation in New Zealand to do so! What does IPAF offer?

The PAL (Powered Access Licence) card is valid for 5 years, is internationally recognized and conforms to the international standard ISO 18878:2004 - certified by TÜV.
Contact or call 03 341 6333 to book your spot on the next course!
Battle of the Rebuild 2015 had it's second successful year with a total of $183,000.00 raised for Pillars and Rise Nepal.

Accessman were pleased to be cheering on our very own boxer Reece Papuni. Reece was a welcome contestant for the featured fight.
Accessman are please to announce a fund raising campaign to support Aviva Family Violence Services. Supporting our local community is the top priority for this organisation and Accessman are keen to support them in making this happen. So this Christmas we are 'doubling the donations'. For every $1 donated, we will match it up to a total of $5000.00. This year, all money raised will be used to support Aviva's local 24-hour 0800 AVIVA NOW phone line. This phone line is most often the first point of contact for people who have experienced, or used, family violence and want to move forward. In the past 12 months almost 4000 calls for support were received reiterating the importance of this facility in our community.  You can donate by text, credit card, online, cheque or cash.
Visit to see how.
Do you have a corporate function, meeting or event? Our coffee car and awesome baristas are available! Contact us for corporate hire.
Accessman Blenheim
Accessman Blenheim are expecting!! Their new arrival will hopefully grace their yard in late November and its the perfect solution for those tricky and tight situations.

The HA12CJ has a narrow width of 1.2mtrs with zero tail swing making it the perfect choice to get you higher without compromising maneuverability. The pros don't stop there either. This machine is so versatile, it passes through standard doorways at stowed height! 

More information? Give Blenheim a call  (03) 578 5600
Accessman Timaru
Timaru have settled into their new premises.

A reminder of their contact details;

T - 03 688 7100
C - 021 361 441 (Alan)

88 Meadows Road 
Accessman Training Center 
Harnesses to be or not to be…. that is the question?
Ok, so you're on an EWP and the question is asked, do I need to wear a safety harness?
A full body safety harness with an adjustable length lanyard, that is no longer than 2m in length must be worn on all boom type EWPs. The lanyard must be attached to a recognised attachment point on the platform or basket, not wrapped around the handrails.
Under the Best Practice Guidelines, a harness is not required to be worn on a scissor lift EWP, provided you have completed a written risk assessment that details your explanation of why you aren't wearing a harness in the scissor, that could be asked for by an inspector at anytime. 
Reasons for not wearing a harness in a scissor might include, not exiting the basket at height or not reaching or leaning outside the basket at height, however if these don't apply to you, a harness would be a better option as you may well be challenged.
A number of construction companies and building or company owners are putting a blanket rule over their operations where EWP's are in use, and mandating the use of a harness regardless of machine type, this is a site rule and should be followed and not argued.
Next month……. rescue plans…. who why and how?
Cheers Al