2015 started at the Nest i/o with lots of energy, excitement and some truly amazing ideas!
  • The Nest i/o Launch
  • 'Speaker Series’ Events - Dynamic individuals like Jahanzeb Sherwani, Jazib Zahir, Mobeen Ansari, Kalsoom Lakhani and Raja Tanveer were some of the first speakers we had at The Nest i/o
  • External Events - Events like the GDG DevFest, Freelancing Workshop and i2i Open Day brought more excitement and buzz to the Nest i/o throughout the month!
The Nest i/o is up and running, and we are excited to have kicked off with a series of events and activities that have been of great interest to the tech community. 
Our collaborative space is especially designed to facilitate entrepreneurs and startups, and, in addition to internal focused sessions for incubated companies, we regularly hold events and speaker sessions for the community to inspire and educate young people and provide them with know-how and expertise. 
When we say ‘The Sky is NOT the limit’, we mean it - The Nest i/o is a manifestation of our vision and mission for a stronger tech ecosystem in Pakistan, and we are busy nurturing young aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their dreams every single day! Here’s to a year of innovation and development in the technology sector!

We look forward to welcoming you to The Nest i/o!

Speaker Series with Jahanzeb Sherwani -
'From Rural Sindh to Silicon Valley'

1st January 2015

Jahanzeb Sherwani conducted a very inspirational session to a full house at The Nest i/o on New Years’ Day. He talked about his journey from being a researcher in Rural Sindh to creating his own startup in Silicon Valley. His story was interspersed with anecdotes that provided lots of learning for entrepreneurs.
Jahanzeb is the Founder of iTelePort and co-founder of ScreenHero, a collaboration tool that recently merged with Slack.
Find out more >>>

Speaker Series with Jazib Zahir - 'Understanding the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Pakistan'

2nd January 2015
Jazib Zahir’s session was especially relevant to startups as he discussed how you can make the most of your time at an incubator, what services are provided and what advantages there are being part of a community. He also spoke about the cultural aspects at Tintash that all startups should try and emulate.
Jazib is the COO of Tintash and is part of the visiting faculty at LUMS and KSBL. Find out more >>>

The Nest i/o Startup Open Day

10th January 2015
The Nest i/o is primarily a networking haven for startups. There was an open invitation to the community to come and explore the space on our official Open Day. A large number of young entrepreneurs and founders visited the Nest i/o, hob-nobbed with peers and shared insights and ideas with other like-minded people.

Speaker Series with Kalsoom Lakhani -
'Turning Your Entrepreneurial Dreams into Reality'

19th January 2015

Kalsoom headed a fast paced workshop on the fundamentals of turning business passion into a glowing reality. The session focused on lean startup methodology, translating customer development into traction as well as finding out the key motive behind starting a startup. Find out more >>>

Speaker Series with Mobeen Ansari -
'Adding the Extra to Ordinary'

22nd January 2015
Mobeen Ansari’s session 'Adding the Extra to the Ordinary' showcased his journey and was packed full of inspiration and insight for the attendees. Mobeen shared his story on how he conquered his hearing impairment and became one of the most creative photojournalists in the country. His photography captures the beauty of Pakistan as he tries to portray a positive image of Pakistan globally. Find out more >>>

Data Science Workshop by Raja Tanveer Iqbal

22nd January 2015

This Data Science Workshop by Raja Tanveer, founder of Data Science Dojo, was a hands-on session on doing data science and predictive analysis using Azure Machine Learning Studio. A full day workshop, the session was very well received by participants! Read More >>>


External Events

With The Nest i/o headquarters officially open for the public, a number of packed events were held within the premises including the Freelancing Workshop by Salma Jafri and Saad Hamid, an Open Demo day for Invest2Innovate (i2i) teams and GDG (Google Developers Group) DevFest. The Nest i/o was also invaded by a very energetic group of ladies for the Women X Session conducted by Shireen Naqvi. Tripda, a global carpooling service, also had their official launch at the Nest i/o on January 31st, 2015.
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