February continues with a series of more inspiring and exciting events and our first round of incubatees are shortlisted to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey!

  • Pitch Day - The beginning of incubation at The Nest i/o!
  • Speaker Series - Industry legends like Umar Saif and Veqar Ul Islam conduct house-full sessions keeping The Nest i/o in the headlines.
  • Nesting Sessions - Mentoring begins at The Nest i/o with exclusive one-on-one sessions for our incubated teams.
As a follow-up of the Startup Insiders sessions, P@SHA LaunchPad events, the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund grants, the P@SHA ICT Awards and APICTA, we have finally started on the next leg of our journey!

Incubation has kicked off at The Nest i/o and we could not be more excited to have such talented and passionate entrepreneurs on board. P@SHA, alongwith partners Samsung and  Google for Entrepreneurs and with support from the US State Department, is all for promoting new talent in the technology sector and that’s what we are trying to achieve here at The Nest i/o. 
The space breathes of energy and zeal, we have some very dedicated and experienced mentors coming in every single day and our regular sessions, both for the incubatees as well as the community, focus on knowledge basics and essential skills every tech entrepreneur needs to create and sustain a business. The Nest i/o is more than just an incubation center - it’s a networking hub, it’s a learning portal and most of all it’s a fun, vibrant and creative space brimming with positive energy. Perfect to hang out in and be inspired!

Speaker Series with Usman Abdullah -
'Employment & Entrepreneurship Opportunities' 

4th February 2015
Usman Abdullah, a graduate of the University of Waterloo, who has previously worked in organizations like Qualcomm and Microsoft, shared his experience of working in the software industry, what Silicon Valley companies look for in people they hire and what are the key qualities a person needs to set up his/her own startup.

Pitch Day - 6 Day Challenge Begins!

6th February 2015
The first round of incubatees for The Nest i/o were selected during an energetic elevator pitch session on the 6th of February, 2014. More than 30 teams presented their MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) in front of a panel of judges, which included experts like Shahjahan Chaudhry, Chief Strategist at Team::ants, Munir Usman, CEO of PiLabs and Remote Interview, Jamal Khan, Founder of ArpaTech and Muhammad Mehdi Hussain Senior Elastician at Elastica. Each team was given 3 minutes to pitch their idea to the judges and then respond to their questions. In the end, a select number of teams were shortlisted for a 6 day challenge at The Nest i/o to evaluate their commitment and dedication to their respective business ideas.

Nesting Sessions: Jawwad Farid on 'Building Customer Persona & Developing a Business Model'

11th February 2015

Jawwad Farid is on the Advisory Board of The Nest i/o and the founder CEO of Alchemy Technologies. Jawwad started off with a pumped up session for the incubatees on day one and spoke about the importance of customer feedback for startups. The incubatees were all given tasks to complete before the next presentation, which included making a customer list, connecting with customers, gauging their feedback and documenting a business model.

Nesting Sessions: Rumaisa Mughal on
'Power-up Your Network'

12th February 2015
Networking and communicating effectively is one of the most important traits an entrepreneur should have. Rumaisa Mughal, CEO of Artboard, a creative consulting firm, conducted a session with the incubatees on how to polish up their networking skills. A list of helpful online tools were also shared during the talk.

Nesting Sessions: Hareem Sumbul on
'Size does not Matter'

12th February 2015
Hareem Sumbul is an experienced finance consultant who has worked with Pepsico, JWT and DKT Pakistan in the past few years. Hareem’s session elaborated successful scaling and how to do it, and helped startups realize how and when they should scale to expand their business and whether it is necessary or not. Towards the end, there was an interactive cheese toast making activity for the teams where they learnt how to develop processes, documentation, pricing and marketing  strategies.

Nesting Sessions: Sheba Najmi on 'UI/UX Design'

14th February 2015

The incubatees were very lucky that Sheba, who heads Code of Pakistan and was also a fellow at Code for America, visited The Nest i/o. Sheba has extensive experience of working on user experience design. During her impromptu visit, she discussed the umbrella strategy and its components, problem solving with design and the concept of brainstorming, testing and gauging user feedback.

Date a [Insert Occupation Here]!

14th February 2015

The Nest i/o headquarters were transformed into a networking-portal-extraordinaire on Valentine’s day, courtesy of our career matchmaking session ‘Date a [Insert Occupation Here]'. The public event invited designers, developers, marketers and content writers of the city to come and explore the Nest i/o, talk it out and share insight with our in-house incubatees working on their startup ventures and brainstorm with our mentors on exciting future collaborations.

Final Pitch Day - The Teams are Picked!

16th February 2015

The Day of Judgment finally arrived for our trial incubatees when they pitched their MVPs in front of a panel of judges. This time around, the pitching, as well as the judging criteria was a little different from before. The teams had to show their progress, what they had learnt from the various one-on-one mentoring sessions and how far they had come along during the 6-day challenge. By the end of this session, a final batch of 13 incubatees were shortlisted for incubation!

Speaker Series with Veqar Ul Islam:
'Being Entrepreneurial'

21st February 2015
Mr Veqar ul Islam, founder of Touchpoint, CEO of Jafar Business Systems and President of TiE Karachi visited The Nest I/O for an informative and engaging session on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude. His session was fully packed, and the attendees had a great time listening to the inspirational stories that Veqar had to share.

Speaker Series with Dr Umar Saif:
'When Technology Meets Government'

23rd February 2015
Umar Saif, the Vice Chancellor of ITU, Chairman PITB and the man behind Plan 9 Technology Incubator in Lahore, visited The Nest i/o for an informative session on how technological expertise can enhance government operations and initiatives. He discussed some of the projects he was heading in Punjab, including the dengue epidemic warning system, the new learning portal and various transparency focused projects that allowed the Punjab government to streamline operations.
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