Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

Nestlings are fluttering their wings and gearing up for flight!

Our startups have matured now with only one month left before their incubation ends - some have already gone live while others are getting ready to officially launch their products and services! So proud of all our teams and everything that they have achieved so far - we are really going to miss our first batch of nestlings!

2 Day Workshop on Android Development

There is immense demand for App development - and that’s why we called in a few experts for an express workshop on Android app development - absolutely free! Azfar Siddiqui from 10Pearls was invited to The Nest i/o for teaching the basics of android development for 2 days. The sessions were intense, filled with a lot of learning!

Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Businesses

You have a business? Good. Have a user-friendly website set up? Great! But are you getting relevant traffic on your website AND converting it into successful sales? SEO can help - and that’s what Rafay Qureshi focused on during his session on search engine optimisation. Rafay talked about on-site and offsite SEO, tips on implementing these tactics the right way and how to make your website rank high on search.

How to Nail Social Media Marketing and Build Engagement?

Faisal Kapadia of Mindmap Communications conducted a session on social media and its changing dynamics in Pakistan. Faisal talked about how social media behavior is rapidly changing, and how a large majority of Pakistan is regularly tweeting, sharing and posting on social media - thanks to the smartphone penetration in the market. According to Faisal, this social media boom can be used by businesses to their advantage. Without spending a lot of money and just by unleashing their creative talent, businesses can make their respective products go viral. All they need is good content and a sound digital strategy.

#SukoonAgaya! is the first startup to officially launch during their incubation at The Nest i/o

Attended by tech literati and media glitterati, the Launch of our Startup on Labor Day was the highlight of the month! One of the first nestlings to flutter their wings and prepare for flight, Sukoon officially launched their services on Labor Day to commemorate the hardworking workforce of our country. The launch event hashtag #SukooonAgaya was trending on Twitter, and the event was full house with friends, family and supporters of Sukoon at The Nest i/o. Several of Sukoon’s mentors, customers and workers spoke at the event, including Yusuf Jan, Faisal Kapadia, Faizan Siddiqi, Jamal Khan and Rumaisa Mughal.

Hello i/o! Our cute little techy mascot has finally hatched!

News of what’s hatching at The Nest i/o had people guessing and betting from day one. Now the secret is finally out! i/o, who has essentially been a part of The Nest since day one, has come out of its shell. We can’t help gushing and aww-ing over i/o, who is an entrepreneur itself and was born with an idea!

Part 1 of i/o’s story is out - watch it now and stay tuned for the next episodes plus inside scoop on i/o’s life and daily activities :D

The Nest i/o goes global - we were featured on PBS Newshour!

Nothing makes us more proud than to project the best of Pakistan internationally and to create a positive image for our country. Recently, The Nest i/o and our in-house entrepreneurs were featured in PBS newshour, an award winning show that telecasts throughout the US and is rated as one of the most trusted news sources. Watch the news piece now!

Guests Galore! Love our community members for supporting The Nest i/o and our startups!

Nestlings play 'Baraf Paani'

At The Nest i/o, we are all about teamwork and helping each other out. So when our videographer Hamza Bangash decided to direct a play he wrote, all Nestlings decided to extend their support! Team Nest i/o went for the weekend show of the play BARAF PAANI, and one of our startups DeliveriT also joined them as their delivery partner. The show was a hit and DeliveriT managed to sell all the tickets - three cheers for Hamza Bangash and for DeliverIT!

Welcoming our friends from Samsung!

We are proud to have Samsung Pakistan as our partners at The Nest i/o - and their vision to promote a more progressive startup culture in Pakistan is what inculcated the creation of a place like The Nest i/o in the first place! Managing Director Samsung Pakistan Mr J.H.Lee returned to The Nest i/o after its launch to meet our startups and have a heart to heart with our Nestlings. Mr Lee was accompanied by Mr M Saad Ul hasan, Head of Corporate Marketing, Samsung Pakistan. It was a pleasure to have them over - Mr Lee talked to all our teams, watched their product demos and even downloaded a handful of apps on his phone!

Movie Schmovie

Nestlings and avengers unite! We know our startups always have a lot on their plate - be it investor meetings, customer analysis or even finalising their marketing and sales plans. A little relaxation is just what they needed to re-energize themselves, and that’s why team The Nest i/o headed out for the evening show of Avengers: Age of Ultron and had tons of fun! Popcorn and Nachos, cokes and slushes and lots of 3D action resulted in a fun excursion for all.

What mistakes do startups make and how important is incubation?

"A lot of startups don’t plan ahead, don’t have a clear monetization model in place or end up in disagreements with co-founders", said Nabeel A. Qadeer from Plan9 during a one-on-one session with our in-house teams.
Nabeel provided an overview of what an incubator does for startup businesses to help minimize chances of such mistakes from happening, what benefits can be drawn from the training, curriculum and mentoring and how fortunate those aspiring entrepreneurs are who get access to such a space at the beginning of their startup journey.

When is the right time to say 'Yes' to an investor?

According to Kash Rehman, CEO of, you should only give up stake in your business when you find someone who understands your business and the industry your startup is in, who has connections in that industry - an investor who can help and mentor you instead of just giving dumb money and who can add value to your current business model. Kash gave tips and shared his own experience of working independently and also talked about how you should not run after money but after loyal customers.

Is design everything? What impact does Human Centered Design have?

Saad Hamid from i2i conducted a hands-on workshop on Human Centered Design for our in-house teams. All of them were given tasks to brainstorm and work on an idea - an idea to change the lives of the under-privileged living in Lyari. The Nestlings rose to the challenge and it was truly overwhelming to see such great ideas to bring about a positive change in the society being proposed by every team!

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