The Nest i/o is an inspiring, exciting and collaborative space where the technology and business community come together, where young people can work on dream projects with advice from seasoned experts and where there are no limits to imagination, creativity and growth.

We have launched this space to provide a home to rising stars around us who have the talent and the ability to change the world with their ideas. And we are hopeful that this is the first step towards a stronger, larger and more innovative technology eco-system in Pakistan.

All we want to do is nurture you and enable you to fly. The Sky is NOT the limit!

P@SHA's Technology Incubator The Nest i/o Officially Launched in Karachi

It’s here! It’s big! And it shows absolutely no signs of abating!
The Nest i/o, a one-of-a-kind tech incubator to zoom into the buzzing metropole of Karachi, has finally opened its doors to budding entrepreneurs, dreamers, geeks and thinkers that dwell in this amazing city of lights.


For those whose minds run on a frequency unmatched to others and whose creative ideas and techy vision know no bounds, the Nest i/o is the perfect platform to prepare for a soaring journey. The Nest i/o will serve as an interactive co-working and networking space for startups, where they will not only get access to an array of facilities and equipment to establish their businesses but also mentoring and guidance to take their venture to great heights!


Brainchild of P@SHA, with technical and financial support from partners Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung Pakistan, and an entrepreneurship grant from the US State Department, The Nest i/o welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs to spread their wings, hone their talents and skills and take their dreams forward to fulfilment with nothing holding them back.

Glimpses of the Launch Ceremony

The Nest i/o launch event was full to the brim attended by prominent tech entrepreneurs, business men and womenpeople, media, startups and people from the community. The Korean Ambassador and Consul General, the MD of Samsung Mr. J. H. Lee, the Head of Public Policy Google Asia Pacific Ms. Ann Lavin and Mr. Brian Heath - the US Consul General were Guests of Honor at the Event.  A few startup projects were showcased at the event to provide a flavour of the kind of innovation that is taking place in this city.

A Sneak Peek of the Nest i/o

The creative concept, furniture and  interiors designed by the very talented Adil Moosajee, Saira Qamar and their team at Esthetics, totally align with the brief provided and the vision of The Nest i/o – an open, inspiring and exciting collaborative space that pumps you up the minute you walk in!


Here is what excites us about the Nest i/o –

The Color

Vibrancy and life has many sources. The easiest is a combination of natural light and pastel colors. But it is one thing to pick a palette of colors and another to combine them to create a specific mood. And that’s what we have dabbled in at The Nest i/o – a fusion of colors and hues to create something extraordinary!

The Open Environment

As entrepreneurs and former cubicle farm prisoners the one thing we always hated was closed spaces. As you walk into the Nest i/o, you’ll get a sense of openness – there are no boundaries and limits to your imagination as long as you are here!


The Media Lab – What’s Testing?
A device library that can also double up as a test environment or closed meeting room. You shouldn’t have to buy ten thousand dollars worth of equipment to see if your dream is real. We just did it for you.
The Mind Gym – What’s Happening?

The mind gym is a space created to record and present lives, big enough to accommodate an audience of a hundred plus, and small enough to network, collaborate and showcase what you have invented.

The Studio – What’s Filming?
Whether it’s traffic, buzz or viral content, a good marketeer can do a lot of damage with a recording studio.  From videos for YouTube and other social media channels to podcasts, the studio gives you the option to let your recording talent go wild.
The Cube – What’s Buzzing?
The Cube is part conference room, part an open experiment. If it is too wild for your taste buds, you could borrow the Media lab to meet up or get together in the cafeteria for a chat over a cup of tea/coffee.
The Cafeteria – What’s Grilling?
Sustenance is easy. Getting it themed is difficult. More importantly keeping an open collaborative space free from the potent odor of desi food is a real challenge.  The combination of wooden tables and chairs plus a counter and stools that allow you to look out at the city is an experiment that appears to be working well.

Vision for the Future - And Beyond!

By opening The Nest i/o, P@SHA is expanding support to the Pakistani tech startup community in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung, and with support from the U.S. State Department. The over 6,500 sq ft of physical space will provide a home for entrepreneurs where they’ll have access to mentors, training and community events. The Nest i/o plans to support over 50 start-ups during the first year of its operation and aims to provide co-working and community meetup space for many more aspiring entrepreneurs. Plus, being a part of the Google for Entrepreneurs community, The Nest will also be able to provide start-ups outreach to over 30 start-up hubs around the globe.
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