New Startups Arrive - Cycle 2 Begins at The Nest i/o!

Only the Best will Survive!

Our new batch had to encounter a survival week first, where their perseverance, passion and dedication was put to test. Jawwad Farid conducted back-to-back sessions to make ‪#SurvivalWeek‬ more fun (read: tough) for our new teams. Nestlings were asked to define their startup in three lines, contact 100 customers, get feedback on their product and sketch a target customer profile. To guide new nestlings, graduates from the first cohort were put on a panel where they shared their own experience of incubation, how they could have done things differently and how much they learned and grew within these four months. They also made suggestions on additional activities that could be added to the program.

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Visitors from Our Partner Organizations

The Samsung team, with Mr. J.H.Lee, MD Samsung and Mr. M. Saad Ul Hasan, Head of Corporate Marketing dropped by several times to meet our new and old teams, and mentor them.

We also had a number of visitors from the US State Department, including Mr David Pemberton, Mr Marc Miller, Ms Kathryn Schalow and Mr Mark Kendrick.

Did You Know?

The Nest i/o is a technology incubator & community hub that was launched by P@SHA with global partners Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung, and through a supporting grant from the US State Department.

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Isfandiyar Shaheen talks about accessing growth equity capital

One of the key concerns every startup has is its valuation - How do you value a startup in Pakistan? How does one go about assigning value to a  negative cash flow business with limited assets? Why are investors so indecisive, unreasonable, and greedy when it comes to valuations? Our Speaker Series with Isfandiyar Shaheen answered all these questions - and more!

Understanding Legal Structure by Mubariz Siddiqui

Mubariz Siddiqui, Advocate High Court and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The Nest i/o, ran a session on legal structure and its basics that all startups incorporating a company and drafting agreements should know about.

Exploring Entrepreneurship the Creative Chaos way!

Umair Aziz, the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of Creative Chaos, had an amazing session at The Nest i/o on how he started his journey as an entrepreneur, the mistakes he made along the way and how he bounced back from them to make a fresh start.

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The Story of Tameer from the Guru Himself

Mr. Nadeem Hussain, CEO, Founder & President of Tameer Bank shared the inspiring story of how he started Tameer Bank and brought it to the position that it is now. He inspired the audience by talking about the struggles he went through in building a team from scratch and getting a stronghold in the market.

OuttaBox runs a Software Testing Workshop

An invaluable 4 hour workshop on software testing was conducted at The Nest i/o by Arslan Ali & Faiza Yousuf of OuttaBox. The workshop included hands-on activities, written exercises, and psychological testing on bug reporting and test coverage skills.

A Trip Down the Founder's Room with Jawwad Farid

Startup founders usually have a lot of concerns for which they need advice and guidance from an experienced mentor. Jawwad Farid gathered our in-house teams one fine morning and discussed vesting models, founder agreements, exit strategies and much more.
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Learning the secrets of wooing investors with Naeem Zamindar

Naeem Zamindar, who currently heads Zamindar Capital and is the Director of Acumen Pakistan, gave an inspiring talk at The Nest i/o where he shared advice on how, why, and when should an entrepreneur look for investment. He listed the ideal traits of an investor, the right time to look for money for your business, tips on pitching and negotiating with investors, and mistakes that startups make when they don’t plan their finances.

How well do you know the art of Shouting?

The world of advertising is fierce - you need an equally strong voice that carries through to make your point heard! That’s what Faraz Hamidi of The D’Hamidi Partnership taught in his speaker series - the art of marketing, copywriting and branding your business with a unique edge.

Conquering The Battles in an Entrepreneur’s Life

Inspiration and motivation was the call of the day during an enlightening session by Yousuf Bashir Qureshi on the battles one has to conquer as an entrepreneur. He shared his own story of how he started his journey and discovered his own self along the way.

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Unearthing the Secrets of Creative Alchemy

This was a very informative and fun session conducted by Mr Adnan Butt of Walnut Media, where he talked about creative conceptualisation and its importance in branding and advertising.

How good are you with improvisation? Zeeshan Haider teaches our teams!

This improv activity was conducted to teach Nestlings how to think on their feet and take spontaneous decisions! This session was done to teach entrepreneurs how to break free, loosen up and voice their thoughts without breaking flow.

Colors of Patriotism!

14th August was celebrated amidst the colours of patriotism and passion by the startups of The Nest i/o. The whole place was decorated in white and green balloons, everyone sang the national anthem together and the nestlings also shared their dreams and resolutions for Pakistan!

Here’s to Making a Toast!

To give our teams some hands-on training on product development cycle, we did a fun toast-making activity. They had to brainstorm, shop and make a unique and yummy sandwich from scratch with limited money and then sell these sandwiches with a competitive edge!
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