Taking Dreams to New Heights!

As April dawned, we made room for some more teams to join the ranks of NESTLINGS! More targeted and advanced sessions were scheduled for our incubatees and our teams made waves by being featured in global publications!

Teams gear up to show off their progress

Road to glory illuminated on our Startup Demo Day

Keeping track of goals and milestones is what incubation is all about.

And that’s why we asked all of our teams to demonstrate their progress one month down the road in front of a panel of judges. It was great to see how far the Nestlings have come in just one month - and it also goes on to show they are destined for more success and bigger things in the future!
Faith in our tech-preneurial ecosystem restored!

The Nest i/o is growing - and we are proud of our Nestlings! 

We have inducted more internal and external incubatees in our clan!

There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. And the overwhelming number of applications flowing in on our website convinced us to hold another Open Pitch Day!

Result? 4 more startups got internally incubated at The Nest i/o including Teddict, a trio of siblings aged 14, 16 and 18, Whisper-O, a sound tagging platform, Smartchoice, a price comparison portal and MilGayaan online listings app/website.

The Nest i/o becomes one of the stops for a country-wide roadshow for Digital Youth Summit

“We are rebuilding and revamping Peshawar”

Faisal Khan of Peshawar 2.0 came by for a session at The Nest i/o as part of the DYS15 Roadshow

Faisal talked about the entrepreneurship culture as well as development in the technology sector in KP, and why should aspiring startups attend the Digital Youth Summit in Peshawar May 7-9, 2015.

One step at a time - Taking entrepreneurship to universities

P@SHA and The Nest i/o unite the industry and academia on one platform to nurture talent

In an effort to promote entrepreneurship at university level, P@SHA and The Nest i/o connected with faculty members and students from NED, KU, IBA, IoBM, FAST-NU, KITE and industry representatives from the IT and ITES sector. Issues that are holding students back from pursuing entrepreneurship were highlighted and measures that could be taken to enhance entrepreneurship opportunities for students were discussed.

How lean is your startup?

"70% startups fail because they don't build what the customer is looking for"

Atif Azim, the man behind VentureDive and Co-founder of DotZero was invited to The Nest i/o for a talk on one of the most important topics for startups – lean startup methodology.

To give some inspiration to our teams, Atif reiterated his own journey of how he turned into an entrepreneur and decided to take his dreams forward. Atif emphasized on the importance of planning for all possible setbacks in advance. “This way you will not only be ready for any kind of results but also have a retention strategy in place to bounce back from failure!”

Master the art of being sneaky when you sell

“First learn the needs of your customers and then manipulate them"

Ayesha Bhatti gets candid with the workshop attendees and shares the secrets of turning your client’s minds into your ball of yarn

Playing Ceelo and scenes from the movie ‘Up’, Ayesha’s engaging and highly informative workshop was based on the ways you can use the psychological framework of your customers to launch your product into the right target market.

Exploring that bubble called the 'Internet' 

Abid Ali reveals the truth about cyber security and threats startups face as they get their business on the wire

Syed Abid Ali gave the audience a glimpse of ‘The internet we live in’

Abid elaborated the state of privacy over the internet for both individuals and businesses and how it can be made a secure place.

Experiential business: Nailing the basics

Identify the 'what', 'why', 'how' and 'when' for your product before you launch

Mohammad Nawaz elaborated how an e-commerce platform can be made more engaging and user-friendly through the use of marketing and branding tactics.

He shared tips and ideas on how to reach out to customers and make the most out of your digital marketing and advertising strategies.
Procom Fever!
Mentors Jawwad Farid and Shahjahan Chaudhary conducted a session at Procom, an annual event held at FAST-NUCES, to inspire students. We had a stall to ourselves at the event to introduce the facilities being offered at The Nest i/o!
Saaeen Moments at The Nest i/o!
We had Ali Gul Pir of Saeen fame come in to check out the space and meet the startups! Fans had loads of pictures taken with Ali - a lot of posing and autographs at The Nest i/o!
Our Cool New Collateral is Here!
What makes The Nest i/o so cool? Our tees and mugs shout out AWESOME and were a rage on social media!

TiECON Alert!
Startups at The Nest i/o exhibited at TieCon 2015 and attended a number of sessions there! Truly an EnterpRISING experience for our nestlings!

When KP Comes to Karachi...
Secretary IT and Managing Director KPITB Farah Hamid Khan, Marketing Director KPITB Shehnaz Shamsher and Faisal Khan, Cofounder of Peshawar 2.0 and Basecamp Pakistan discussed collaborations with P@SHA to bring about industry growth in KP.
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