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Newsletter #2, 18 August 2015
We have received a whole lot of Certificates of Competence from The Training Connection for the guys who attended our courses up to March 2015.
To collect or arrange delivery, please drop Thys an email at to make arrangements. 

Accredited Training

We trust this mail finds you well. 

Up till now we had our main focus on TETA Accredited 4x4 driver training in accordance with the Unit Standards 254135 and 254154. And this was good, as it should be, because this forced us to work towards certain standards and benchmarks. This we have achieved, and our learning programs exceed the requirements of these Unit Standards by far.  

With the confusion around NOW and the whole Norms and Standards process it seems like it will be a very long time before compulsory DCC qualifications will become enforced.  Therefore we have adjusted our focus as far as 4x4 Driver Training is concerned.  We will continue with fully accredited training, but we will also present non accredited training.  We will even go as far as mixing the classes, the only difference being the paperwork.  For those who wish to be accredited, we will issue the necessary paperwork to be completed and submitted.. and to those who are not interested in accreditation will not have to complete all the documentation.  

Why then?  Firstly, costs.  Accreditation costs in the region of R500 per person, if we add all the expenses together.  This is a discount we can pass on to our learners. In the past a fully accredited training course cost R1500 per person, we can now offer the same training, non accredited, at R999 per person.  A substantial saving.  

What if it becomes necessary to be accredited in the future? Should this happen, anybody who attended our training course can apply for a Formal Assessment, during which we will do a refresher session, all the documentation, and the practical assessment in the field.  Basically a "Track Day" outing. Obviously we'll do this for a fee, which will include the Accreditation Fees..  

Will the standard of training still be the same?  Those who know our style of training will also know that we will not slack off on the quality of our training.  Our training will be exactly the same, for accredited as well as non accredited training.  We will even go so far as to present both at the same training course. 

Spread the word... and hope to see you all again soon
Team Offroad
Team Offroad visited the Koes Rally in Southern Namibia.  Gerrie went to do a story for Wegry and I tagged along for fun.  And fun it was.  Have a look at out YouTube channel for some videos of the action.  Team Offroad Youtube
Our next Wegry/Driveout Academy training in on the weekend of 20/21 September 2015 at Bowtime in Brackenfell.  Practical driving session will take place at Welgelegen 4x4 as per usual.  

Shortly after that we will announce the next Atlantis Follow-up as well.  

Gerrie and I were busy doing all sorts of 4x4 Fun during winter time.  Gerrie took part in the Ford Ranger Odyssey and did quite well.  Apparently the use of an Odyssey Ranger  is on the cards for Gerrie??  Congratulations!!  
The little black Jeep took part in the Wildebeest 4x4 Challenge at Dirt and Dust in early August and came 4th in the CM Class out of 8 entrants.  

Not too bad for a first time.  maybe next time we'll do better.  We also saw some Team Offroaders there, nice to catch up and share some good times. 

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