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Newsletter #1, 28 May 2015

Winter is here

Winter is upon us, and the cold weather is setting in. The first real cold rain fell in the Cape and we can see by the numbers of our courses that the Capeys are getting ready to hibernate. We should think of a Winter Warm-up sometime when it is really wet so that we can go do some water crossings at Ou Trekpad, together with a warm fire and a boerie roll braai.
Other than that, we have our next Atlantis Dunes outing early in June, shout if you want in, and we completed a successful Boot Camp.

This newsletter is the first of many to come out, and you would do well not to ignore them. The special deal we have on a kinetic rope recovery kit is really a great bargain, and we will have many more like that to follow. So this is a good time to get your friends to join Team Offroad - even if it is just for the great deals and an Atlantis Dunes trip every now and then.

We will also start advertising more specific tours with our good friend and Team Offroader, Altis Kriel.

So stick around, we are going places.

Team Offroad
We would like to welcome 4 new members aboard.  Johan Ehlers, Theo de Villiers, Matt du Plessis and Martie Gilchrist passed the DriveOut 4x4 Academy Level 1 course with flying colours. We are looking forward to having some more outdoors 4x4 fun with them in the future. 
Altis is our resident Tour Guide Person.  He is a keen Field Guide and loves taking our guys on outings where they get to learn about the veld, our beautiful environments and all that lives and breathes in it. 
Altis is planning a trip to Klein Tafelberg this coming weekend if you are interested in tagging-along.  It is a simple thing, he is not charging you money for it, but you will be responsible for your own camping and trail fees.  You will also have to handle your own bookings at Klein Tafelberg.   
If you want to get hold of Altis to book or discuss any further details feel free to drop him an email at 

After a very successful weekend at Welgelegen-4x4, we can proudly announce that there are 8 members of Team Offroad (and some of the crew) who now form part of the elite corps. No, they did not join the army or become Recce's, but they did complete our Advanced-training, better known as Bootcamp. Well-done guys!
The next opportunity for an Atlantis Dunes Follow-Up is on 6 June 2015.  Obviously those who have not attended one of these yet will get right of way, and the old hands can tag-along once we are sure we have open seats.  
It is a lot of fun and will cost you the permit fee of R140 per vehicle.  Please send us an email with your vehicle registration number to OR click on the Register button below to reserve your spot. 
Read more about the day here on our website
See you there. 
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