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Wegry Bullrun 2017 - Marshals required

You are asking, What is the Bullrun?
The Bullrun  is an event where grown men can act like 16 year olds who have stolen their father's cars to impress their mates/girlfriends.  And they DO act like that.  Cars need to be 1980 and older to qualify.  Teams can dress up in themes, like last year when we had some Mad Max cars there. The more original the theme the better the scores.  During the event teams get tested on a rally circuit, not for racing but for their ability to keep to the clock.  On the Pan they will have to opportunity to let their hair down in a controlled environment, where they will compete in drag racing, drifting and race tracks and more.  Our job is to make sure they have a good time, but at the same time they do so in a safe (or as safe as we can get it) manner.  

Oh, and it happens from 5 to 8 October 2017 on the "Vlaktes" of the Karoo around a small town called Vanwyksvlei.... 
Let me first get you up to speed about what to expect, what the job entails and what is in it for you. 

Firstly, this is not a paying job.  It is purely voluntary.  We will, however, attempt to raise funds to contribute towards fuel costs for the guys with raffles etc etc. last year we managed to raise enough money to ensure that every Marshal who took his own vehicle to Vosburg got R1000 towards his fuel bill.  We aim to do more this year, but we need the marshals to assist with raffle ticket sales.  More on that later. 

If you are still reading, you are interested in joining us.  hehehehee 
Vanwyksvlei (VWV) is about 750km from Cape Town somewhere between Williston, Brandvlei Prieska and Carnavon.  Nothing glamorous about the place, only dust, a few dried out Karoo bushes and more dust..  Oh and a clay pan. For Marshals, the event starts on Wednesday 4 Oct already.  We need to have all Marshals on site, ready and settled in by about 17h00 on Wednesday evening.  Marshals come from over the whole country even Bloemfontein and Gauteng. There we will conduct a Marshals briefing where all the tasks of the event will be explained in more detail, software will be loaded on smart phones and checkpoint/task allocations will be done.  After the briefing we will have a Marshals Braai, where all the guys and girls can get to know each other better. Guys from the Cape usually travel in a convoy from CT to VWV.  As we go along the guys will start chatting on the Whatsapp and FB groups about where when what and how. 
On Thursday the Marshals will assist with setting up the venue and packing goodie bags and be at the disposal of the Wegry team who prepares everything for the arrival of the guests.  Those Marshals who will be working Checkpoints on the Rally Day will go for a tour of the rally stages to familiarise themselves with their checkpoints where they will be spending the day on Friday. We will also take the Marshals out to the Pan where the events of the Saturday will be explained and Marshals will be afforded the opportunity to test some of the tracks.  From about lunch time guests will be arriving, and scrutineering will take place on their vehicles.  This will be done by Gerrie and one or 2 selected Marshals who have done the job before.  Later the evening there will be welcoming and general info session for the guests, and Marshals.  
From Friday morning all hell breaks loose.  Usually from then on we dont see much of each other and a lot of running around happens.  We like to call it organised chaos, but keeping +/- 900 guests and 150 vehicles in check and on track is a mammoth task and we need all hands on deck.  Bullrun participants depart on a 200km rally stage where they will visit 6 checkpoints.  At each checkpoint we will have Marshals to facilitate challenges that the guests must complete to gather maximum points.  It also entails time keeping etc which is why we load software on your smart phones.  Once the day is over and everybody is back in camp, all marshals will report to the Score keeper to download data to a central point for him to perform his tasks. 
On Saturday Bullrunners gets divided into 7 groups with one Marshal vehicle leading each group.  We depart for the pan, about 20km from town.  On the way we do a "Mass Ride" through town, which should take no more than 3 minutes.  At the Pan, Bullrunner vehicles will park in their groups in a dedicated Park Ferme area, from where they will depart to the 7 tracks.  A team of Marshals will man each of the 7 tracks, keeping scores and/or times. This can become a dust hot and windy affair, please make sure you are dressed appropriately and make sure you have enough water.  We will give more details later. Roaming marshals such as myself, Johann Tyre etc etc will be visiting the various tracks to collect score sheets on a continuous basis so that the scores can be processed.  
After a day on the sun/wind/dust, it is time to relax at last.  Bullrun is effectively over, bar the shouting.  At about 19h00 we have a prize giving at the stage by which time all scoring must be done.  That is why it is of utmost importance that we get the score sheets/data in on time. .  After that everybody has a good time, and we get an opportunity to relax before packing up on Sunday morning.  
What is this going to cost you?  Besides your fuel, some breakfast and lunches it is not going to cost you much.  We will supply you with a "Braaipack" per person per day from Thursday to Saturday.  Wednesday is for your own pocket. We will supply you with a space to pitch a tent and ablution facilities.  You will also be getting a Bullrun shirt and an awesome experience.  All drinks (cold, soft and otherwise) are for your own pocket.  
I dont know if you were planning to bring the kids, but I would strongly advise against that.  The environment is really not kid friendly, and unless the ladies are used to roughing it, it is not really lady friendly either. I would much rather prepare you for the worst than paint a pretty picture and you come away from it disappointed. The event is also of such a nature that we need to be on the ball all the time, and 110% is required from our Marshals.  We have a flawless reputation to uphold and some serious sponsors to keep happy.  There are guys who are on their 4th Bullrun as Marshals, and they will obviously be taking a leading role.  I have no doubt that you guys will give it your all, otherwise we would not even be having this conversation.  
After all that, if you are still willing to make your services available, we would be delighted to have you.  Please drop us an email to with your contact details, cellphone nr etc so that we can contact you with more information.  We also run a Whatsapp group as well as a Facebook group where Marshals can share ideas and where we communicate decisions as we get closer to the event. 

We hope to hear from you guys. 

Kind regards
Thys & Gerrie
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