Hoogland Newsletter October 2016
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Dogs & cats get Breast cancer too!!! 
Mammary cancer is the second most common cancer in dogs! Females spayed before their first heat cycle have a much lower chance of developing mammary cancer! 

"Spin the bottle" food dispenser!

This cool idea can be used for dogs, cats, parrots and small fluffies – just build it according to the size and strength of your pet! Use this to feed your pet part of a meal or to dispense treats.
You will need:

  • Wooden board for the base.

  • Some plastic bottles of appropriate size for your pet to spin.

  • Dowel rods to hold the bottles.

  • Screws/nails.

  • Drill and drill bits.

  • Dry pellets or treats.

Build a stable base suitable for the size and strength of your pet – make the sides high enough that the bottles can spin on the rods near the pets’ eye-level.
Drill holes in the sides of the stand and in the bottles (approximately 1/3rd to half of the way down the bottle) to slide the dowel rod through.
Place the bottles on the dowel rod and fit the dowel rod into the stand.
Place dry treats or pellets in the bottles.
Please ensure all materials used are safe for the pet you will use the toy for.
Plastic is not safe for any pet to swallow. Use under supervision. 

You can make a small stand for smaller pets using weighted shoeboxes instead of a wooden base. 

To make this toy easier for beginners, make the holes in the bottles half way down the bottle so it spins and releases treats more easily. Make the holes higher up for more of a challenge!

You could and an animal charity of your choice could win 5000 Euro's each! 
Check out Elanco's photo competition on:

Happy snapping!

Let's Bust some sterilisation myths!

It really is wise to sterilise, but in case you want more info, here are some truths behind a few commonly spread myths.
Myth #1: It is better to let her have a litter before spaying her.
Fact #1: Each litter adds to the number of pets in shelters. Don’t be a part of the problem! Medical evidence has also shown that females spayed before the first heat are healthier.


Myth #2: I want my dog to be protective so I cannot sterilise it.
Fact #2: It is a dog’s natural instinct to protect its home and family. Pets’ personalities are formed by genetics and environmental influence, not by sex hormones.


Myth #3: My dog/cat will feel less like a male.
Fact #2: Newsflash! Animals do not have a sexual ego. Sterilisation will not change the personality of your pet, although it could make them better behaved.


Myth #4: My pet is so special, I want another puppy/kitten just like her/him.
Fact #4: Not even professional geneticists and breeders can guarantee that the offspring of a breeding pair will have similar personalities to the parents.
Myth #5: My children deserve to experience the miracle of life.
Fact #5: Take your children to shelters to see how many pets are homeless. This will teach them that life is precious and that sterilising saves lives.

Myth #6: My pets will get fat and lazy if I sterilise them.
Fact #6: Pets gain weight because they are no longer growing, and once they mature they are less active. If pets continue to receive the same caloric intake despite this, they will naturally gain weight. Simply lower your pets caloric intake to prevent weight gain
Myth #7: My pet is pure bred so I need to breed him/her.
Fact #7: At least 1 in 4 pets in shelters are also pure bred, and the number of breed-specific rescue organisations is growing rapidly – breeding increases animal numbers, pure bred or not!
Myth #8: It is too expensive
Fact #8: Myth busted! Hoogland Dierekliniek is offering a 10% discount on dog and cat sterilisations for the month of October, so call 012 661 0346 and make your appointment now!


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