Vets insist on a full anaesthetic to do the job...
Do you know why?

In order to properly rid the teeth of the solid brownish tartar and staining that builds up over time, we need to use an ultrasonic scaling machine.
If the patient were awake, not only would the high pitched sound that the scaling machine makes frighten the patient, but the sensation of the scaling itself is uncomfortable and ticklish. Awake or even half-conscious pets would stress and struggle, may hurt themselves, damage equipment, injure people and we would still not have been able to perform the scaling.
 Anaesthetic gives the vet the time and access needed to properly examine the teeth and gum line for any problems with the added bonus of being able to do any extractions necessary right away. 
The safety of the patient is actually the most important reason for a full anaesthetic. The scaler uses a lot of water to assist with the process. In order to prevent inhalation of water, a fully anaesthetised patient can be ‘intubated’ with a breathing tube which closes the trachea so no fluid or debris can float into it, all the while allowing a constant clean oxygen supply to the patient.
Now, even if all this could be performed without full anaesthetic, imagine what your poor pet would have to endure if conscious. If it were me, I would want the anaesthetic!
So, overall, the benefits of doing a proper job outweigh the risks of the anaesthetic, & that is the rotten tooth… truth.
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