Hoogland Newsletter February 2017
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Kidney conundrum!

So, why do we constantly nag you about testing your pets’ kidney function?

Kidney disease, eventually leading to kidney failure, is irreversible BUT when diagnosed early on in the disease process we can make a huge difference to the life expectancy, quality of life and rate of deterioration of the condition.

How can I see that my dog has kidney trouble?

Some of the symptoms of kidney disease are inappetance or very selective appetite, nausea, stinky breath or weight loss HOWEVER by the time that these clinical signs are seen, the condition is significantly advanced.
Conventional blood tests will only pick up kidney disease at this advanced stage. By this time, less than one third of a kidney is functional and Treatment in these patients is often ineffective.  

So have any new and improved tests become available?

Yes, and it is very exciting! A new test became available called an SDMA test. SDMA on average increases with 40% loss of function versus conventional tests which do not increase until 75% of kidney function is lost.

What’s in it for us?

Earlier detection simply means that we can start supporting kidney function a lot earlier. A study showed that SDMA increases 17 months before creatinine in cats and 9.5 months in dogs, giving us valuable time to change our pets’ outcome.
What is the next step should my pet’s SDMA be elevated?

In these patients, we will investigate the kidneys a little further with an extensive panel of tests and then manage and monitor the condition.

Our protocols are based on the recommendation of the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS). Support and treatment of kidney disease is based on a diet formulated to minimize toxins that need to be excreted, medications to support blood flow to the kidneys and careful consideration when using drugs that are potentially toxic and damaging to the kidneys like pain killers. Affected Patients undergoing surgery/anaesthetics should be on fluids and all other illnesses causing dehydration should be addressed promptly.

Make an appointment for your pets’ SDMA test. The test is
R295 all inclusive and if your pet’s SDMA is elevated, you would receive a free packet of prescription diet.
Book today – they are worth it!

Protect plants from bunnies!

If you have bunny-safe plants for your rabbits to nibble on, but find they keep gobbling them up right down to the ground, here is a great idea to try prevent complete plant decimation!

You will need a pot and a hanging plant basket that fits in the pot rim. You can buy a plant for the pot or grow the plant from seedlings. 
Remember to take the chains off the hanging basket!

Protect your doggy cushions!


This is not suitable for dogs who chew pieces off the tyre - swallowed bits of rubber can cause serious gastrointestinal problems!
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