Hoogland Newsletter July 2016
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So you are relaxing in front of the TV and your beloved little Fifi hops onto your lap smiling at you. All you can do is turn your head away and hope she settles down and pants facing the other direction! She obviously feels somewhat rejected, and you may miss your fresh, cuddly little companion…. Do you and Fifi really need to live like this or is there a better way?

Stinky breath, or halitosis, can be caused by a number of problems with the most common by far being Periodontal Disease.  Periodontal disease is inflammation and infection of the gums and some or all of the supporting structures of the teeth.  

Fortunately, periodontal disease does not happen overnight. It is a condition that starts off with plaque that is left to accumulate on the teeth. When the soft plaque combines with saliva and minerals in the mouth, it becomes calculus, which is hard. Calculus accumulates and causes inflammation of the gums, separating them from the teeth and forming deep pockets where bacteria can fester and cause abscesses.
At this stage, periodontitis is irreversible, the stench incomprehensible and the teeth irreplaceable.

Besides the not-so-fresh breath, periodontal disease can affect Fifi’s general health. E.g. nasal and sinus issues and bacteria circulating in the blood establishing infections of the heart valves and vital organs.

So how do we prevent this? Simply practice routine dental care.
There are 2 sides to this coin. We, the vets, will scale off the hard calculus and smooth the teeth afterward by polishing them. Your daily job is then to remove the soft plaque from the teeth.

You say your dog will not tolerate brushing? As always there are many other ways to perform routine home treatment ranging from dental rinses to dental chewies and cleverly designed pellets and treats.

Oh and what about bones, you say? Absolutely not – bones fracture teeth, often to the point where they need extraction! So, regarding bone-damaged teeth, I am happy to take them (out) if you break them!

I did mention other conditions leading to halitosis, and these are addressed when detected on examination and by pre-anaesthetic blood tests before the dental procedure is done.

So, by working together, we can improve Fifi’s health and you’ll be happy to have her in your face again!


Box forager for kitties!

You will need:

A shoe/tissue box without the top

Toilet rolls

Non-toxic wood glue

  • Glue the toilet roll rims to the insides of the box and each other.

  • Make sure they pack tightly into the box. 

  • Once the glue is dry, sprinkle some pellet food OR treats OR favourite small toys and maybe even some catnip into the rolls.

  • Place the box on its side, or flat depending on how hard you want to make it for your feline friends!

  • Enjoy!

Birdy Straw Toys

You will need:

Straws with flexible tips
Small cable ties

  • Trim straws (not on the flexible side) to suit the size of your bird.

  • Bend the re-sized straws at the flexible area for evenly sized lengths either side.

  • Cable tie the straws at the bent area for a pom-pom of straws!

  • If you like, squeeze a few small treats into some of the straws.

  • You can use this as a foot toy or hang it in the cage. 

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