An important point to note is, Pet Medical Insurance falls under the Short Term insurance act and is not deemed a Medical Aid. 

Pet Insurance - Frequently asked questions:

Has Pet Insurance been around very long?
PetSure, underwritten by Hollard, has been providing insurance for our furry friends since 1992. 
A number of other companies have since followed suit.
What pets can be covered?
At this stage horses, dogs and cats can be insured. 
Dogs and cats can be enrolled from 8 weeks old. If enrolment is made before 8 years of age, it can be maintained on the same plan lifelong. 
Dogs and cats over 8 years old can only be enrolled for accidental injury cover, and not full health insurance. The age limit for full health insurance may vary between companies.
What conditions will pet health insurance cover?
All the schemes available will cover any unforeseen accidents that may happen to your pet, such as bite wounds, motor vehicle accidents, snake bites or even wounds caused by accidental electrocution. 
The health insurance plans will vary in what exactly is covered on each option, but in general, accidents and unforeseen illnesses like ear infections, abscesses, gastroenteritis or tumour removals would be covered. 
What about routine care?
In general, routine care procedures like annual vaccinations, sterilisation, dental care and parasite control will not be covered. 
Some pet insurance companies do, however, offer a top-up plan to assist with these routine and expected costs. 
What do I have to do before I can apply?
In order to qualify, pets should be older than 8 weeks old and must be permanently identified, most commonly by a microchip that complies with ISO standards, though some companies will accept a tattoo.
In order to be covered for diseases that can be vaccinated against (e.g parvo virus, “katgriep”), the pet should be up to date with all vaccinations, or these diseases will be excluded from the coverage.  
Is it really worth it?
Your pets breed and your careful consideration of the coverage and exclusions of the various policies will determine your satisfaction with your selected product. 
If you read your policy documents carefully and are sure that you understand clearly what to expect from the policy that you have selected based on your requirement, then you will find that you have the coverage when you need it, and will be pleased with the support in what may already be a stressful period! 
Remember that while you may be able to get some assistance with routine care, the main purpose of health insurance is a back up incase of unforeseen circumstance. We cannot plan for any one unexpected event, but we can ensure that we are prepared to deal with whatever may come!
If it came down to it, we would be heartbroken if we were unable to get a beloved pet the proper treatment when it was needed because of financial constraints – what about you?