Hoogland Dierekliniek June 2017
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Don't scoff at that cough!

I have frequently been asked whether vaccinating against Kennel Cough is really necessary. It is not part of our routine vaccination programme and is always given on special instruction/request by the owner.
Lately I have had many of these requests from clients who are taking their dogs to training, dog parks, parlours, doggy day care or working dog associations.

What is kennel cough?
It is an upper airway infection caused by a couple of viruses and a specific bacteria. It is highly contagious and one coughing dog in a crowded scenario would cause it to spread like a veld fire to others.

What are the symptoms?
The symptoms include a dry choking cough which may be followed by a retching sound and possibly vomition of thick slime and/or a bit of food from the stomach.
It is the classical “My dog has a bone/something stuck in its’ throat” complaint.
Some dogs also sneeze or have a runny nose but seem otherwise healthy. Others will have a transient fever and may be a little listless and lethargic.

It is only fatal in very old, immunocompromised patients and those with another disease. Some patients may, over a period of 3 weeks, eventually get over the infection by themselves but treatment is essential for a speedy recovery.

So, although it is rarely fatal, the coughing episodes keep the dog and its owners up at night. It can become so incapacitating that the dog can hardly move without having a coughing fit.
How do we prevent this disease?
There are 2 forms of the vaccine – one that is delivered as a nasal drop and the other which is injected under the skin. Both have the same activating effect on the immune system.
These vaccines, just like our flu vaccine, cannot give 100% protection, but they will lessen the severity of the symptoms.
Vaccinations are done only once yearly.

What is the point if there is no absolute protection?
Due to the highly contagious nature of the disease, any facility experiencing an outbreak might have to close until there is no risk of infecting further patrons or patients. 

Then lastly there is always this one question, and yes, if it was my dog being exposed to a high density dog situation, I would vaccinate.



Hills has a brand new product on the South African market - a no grain food for adult dogs and cats!
The no grain foods contain no added preservatives, flavourants or colourants.
These products are made with natural ingredients.
Not only can these products be used for pets with grain sensitivities, but also for pets with sensitive digestive tracts.  
Grain-free cranberry doggy treats!
You will need: 
2 eggs
1.5 cups of almond flour
1 tablespoon coconut oil
0.5 cup coconut flour
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper and preheat your oven to 170⁰C.
  • Combine the almond flour, coconut oil and cranberries.
  • Beat the eggs, add them to the concoction and mix well.
  • Mix in 1 tablespoon of coconut flour at a time till the dough can be rolled into a ball without being too sticky.
  • Roll the dough out and sprinkle a little coconut flour over the top so that it does not stick to your cookie cutter.
  • Cut out the treats using a bite size cookie cutter and place them on the prepared baking tray.
  • Bake for 15minutes or until they are firm and crispy.

Here is what you will need:
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
1/3 cup nyjer seeds
1/3 cup grated cheese
1/2 cup dried fruit, soaked overnight
1/2 cup unsalted peanuts
1 cup lard or beef suet
Hanging bird feeder(s) suitable for fat balls
  • Chop the nuts and fruit finely then mix all the dry ingredients well.
  • Melt the suet/lard then remove it from the heat and mix in the dry ingredients a little at a time.
  • Mould portions of the mixture into compressed balls that will fit in your feeder.
  • Place on baking paper lined tray and allow to cool, then refrigerate overnight.
Some additional tips for cheap, easy ways to present the cakes to the birds:
Place the mixture in empty yoghurt containers
Allow the mixture to set in a hollowed out halved orange or coconut shell.
Use a plastic mesh bag like those you buy gem squash, onions or oranges in and hang it up.
Once the mixture has started cooling, pack it into egg cartons which you can hang up.
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