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Take the STING out of this season! 

Mosquito’s do not only bite people – they will pretty much suck blood from any species they can bleed. So, interestingly enough, our dogs and cats are probably as plagued by them as we are!

Dogs do not react too much, but cats can actually develop a mosquito bite allergy! This can present as a raw or ulcerated nose or face and sometimes even raw ears if the cat mutilates itself out of frustration.

We do not really have commercial mozzie repellent products available for cats, so the symptoms are usually treated and the mozzies controlled with environmental toxins or repellents. Infusers that can be plugged into the power points often work well. But remember, cats are very sensitive to insecticides and medications, so do not apply anything you have not first cleared with your vet.
Dogs on the other hand are pestered more by biting and blood sucking flies! Usually, the tips of the ears are targeted. The problem is easily detected by finding black or bloody crusting on the tips of the ears (or the flies themselves of course), and sometimes on areas like the hocks, muzzle and feet.

Other than the bleeding ear tips irritating the owner and the dog, and annoyance by the flies themselves, the flies also deposit bacteria into the skin while they are taking their meal. This can result in the development of raw, cauliflower like growths on the ears that respond poorly to antibiotic therapy and may necessitate surgical removal.

There are numerous products on the market to repel and kill flies, all of which with different methods of application, and duration of action. If you are unsure, let us help you find the right product for your situation!
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Make a cat scratcher!

You will need:
Cardboard boxes (Thick corrugated board)
Duct or packaging tape
A cat

Cut boxes into long strips 8-10cm wide.
Stack 5 to 10 strips, then roll them tightly along the full length.
Stick the strips onto the roll with the tape.
Repeat this on the outside of the roll until the pad is the size you want.
For some extra fun, sprinkle catnip into the spaces in the board.
Leave loose on the floor or mount it on a door or chair leg.

Other ideas:

Birdy treat sticks!

You will need:
Untreated lollipop sticks 
2 cups of mixed seed (types appropriate for the lucky birdy)
Chopped roasted unsalted nuts
Pellets and/or raisins
Other dried fruit
Mix all dry ingredients together, then mix in the egg.
Press the mixture onto the sticks as balls long rods.
Oven bake at 200°C for 20-30min until toasted.
Brush honey over the treats and bake for another 5 min.
Cool then serve!

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