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Inner Sounds...

"When you listen to your inner voice,
the sounds around you become more clear"

“Go with your gut”, “Trust your instincts”, “Follow your intuition” and “Listen to your inner voice.”  Who hasn't heard advice like this at some point in their life? All your life there has been an inner voice offering guidance, gently and sometimes urgently. Maybe you're someone that listens, but most brush it aside and think nothing of it. We often forget or ignore our inner voice and override it with logic, reason, desire, societal pressure or social graces.
But we don’t have to!

We all have it, the inner voice. It can be a feeling, a sensation, image, energy, emotion, or sound. It might be in your gut, in your head, or in your heart... We feel or sense something, but we have a tendency to try to understand and comprehend what we feel and let our logical mind distort the sounds within. 

If you quiet your mind, the soul will speak... Let it know you are ready and willing to listen. Listening to your inner voice is like training a new muscle. With meditation, you find stillness and it is there you finally meet your true self, the one whispering to you all these years. 

The winter season is the perfect time for introspection and restoration. A period to invite yourself inwards and seek the sounds within. Meditation and yoga are beautiful and effective ways to tap into your inner voice and to come home to ourselves. I'm invested to guide people on the path towards their inner sounds as well, with spiritual coaching, healing massages or beautiful events that combine Yin Yoga with gentle, quiet piano sounds... 

We're reaching the ending of 2019 and I'll soon be connecting with many wonderful souls during the last lessons of the year. This is also my last newsletter of 2019, as I'm embracing winter and using it to slow down, relax and restore. I'd like to thank all of you beautiful souls for the past year and I'm grateful for all wonderful shared moments.

I'm sending you all love and light on your journey into the new year, I'm sure many beautiful things will cross your path when you dare to listen to your inner voice! My sound is telling me that 2020 is going to be sparkling year and I've been planning some events for it already, like new yoga massage trainings. The agenda will be updated in January.

Stay tuned for more! 

Love and light, Sanne

The Netherlands
Yin Yoga with Live Piano - Coming Home to Yourself
Amersfoort - &Joy | 29 November

This one is extra special... The last event of 2019 in the Netherlands!

Let yourself be carried away on the flow of music, listen to your body, connect with your soul and follow your heart... 

This evening is the result of a beautiful collaboration with the inspirational Caroline. Her magical piano music complements the introspective element of yin yoga perfectly... Together, we will travel within and come home to ourselves during this extra long lesson at a very special place.

You'll be welcomed in an oasis of green at Balansboerderij Het Derde Erf. The hayloft of this biologically dynamic farm harbours studio &Joy. A beautiful, light room with a real piano!

On this dark night the talented Caroline and I will bring you a bright spot through a beautiful synergy: I will take you inwards to achieve acceptance, creating a space where you can be yourself and enter into valuable, loving connections. Caroline's intuitive piano music is like a journey, with peaks and valleys, playful and then back into the depths. Sometimes it is confronting, sometimes it flows.

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Winter Immersions
Olhão - Casa Fuzetta | 15 December, 26 January, 16 February

It is winter, which means it is time to seek the warm and homely embrace of the stunning Casa Fuzetta again for a new series of Winter Immersions! Three sessions during which we will be guided by restoration and introspection, for which winter is the perfect season. Through Yin Yoga, Reiki and soothing live piano music we will expand our heart and keep things bright, light and moving inside...

For the first session, we gather in the last month of this year and bring it to a close. We let go of the past, what weighs us down and is no longer useful. We let the positive, light and happy moments we experienced float to the forefront of our minds and hearts. We help you focus on the beautiful and create receptivity for the good.

I’m grateful for the privilege to organise these immersions together with my love, David Fernandes, with whom I have created many wonderful yoga & piano experiences before. His soothing piano tones will enchant mind, body and soul to achieve true relaxation and space.

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Faro - Encontro D'Alma | 6 December

There's one lesson left on your healing yin yoga journey at Encontro D'Alma , during which we'll simply 'be' and let silence embrace you. We'll let the flow of the water element take us there. Water is an element that helps us to connect and protects body and mind from disturbances and distractions.

Silence is a source of great strength...

Everything you need is within you. You already have the capacity for happiness, fulfillment and greatness. You just need to uncover it. How? By embracing the still but powerful energy of Yin Yoga, which is all about grounding and turning inward. Yin Yoga is a calm, healthy and slow-paced and meditative form of yoga that improves circulation in the joints and creates awareness of one’s inner silence, feelings, sensations and emotions.

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COMING SOON in the Netherlands 

More info on my Facebook and website, or send an email to
Yin Yoga with Live Piano
'Coming Home to Yourself'
't Derde Erf: Enjoy

19:00 - 21:30
XXL Lesson:
The Road to Deep Relaxation


19:00 - 21:30
Yoga Massage: Introduction Day

10:00 - 15:30
8, 9
7, 8
Yoga Massage I: The World Of


10:00 - 15:30
18, 19
Yoga Massage II: Continue The Flow

10:00 - 15:30
COMING SOON in Portugal 

More info on my Facebook and website, or send an email to
5 Elements Yin Yoga                                  Encontro D'Alma,

18:00 - 19:30
Winter Immersions:
Yin Yoga with Reiki & Live Piano                    
Casa Fuzetta, Olhão
16:30 - 20:00
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Isla Grossi
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