The Heartbeat of Summer! ♥
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The Heartbeat of Summer!

“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart”

Summer! It is the most loved and the warmest season. A time for vacations, swimming, hiking, being outside. During summer, people are much happier... Me included.

It is the season of the heart, and the heart is the gateway to joy. This beautiful period represents the universal and enveloping space into which we grow and expand. While the kidney is seed and root, the heart is flower and fruit...
The sun supplies energy necessary to support life, breed and feed. Summer warmth creates comfortable conditions for vital activities of animals and plants – a great opportunity for us to admire their beauty.
And admire them is what David and I did, during an unforgettable hiking holiday in Ireland – a land of impressive natural wonders. We walked and walked... in silence and awe. Walking is a great way to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your life, it is the new yoga!

Listen to the heartbeat of summer, feel its joy and do what makes you happy. Don’t forget to share joyful moments with family and friends.

I wish you all a magical summer!


Love, Sanne

The Algarve - Casa Fuzetta | 7 July

Amazingly, a moment of beauty and awe can bring people into the present moment and slow down the perception of time… Nature is fuel for the soul! You are invited to experience a moment like this during an extra-long Rooftop Sunset Yoga Session. By taking the time to gaze out into the vast, color-soaked sky, we're empowering ourselves. 

This magical gathering will take place on a warm summer evening on the rooftop of the beautiful Casa Fuzetta, with breathtaking views around us as we look out across the other rooftops of the city, with the birds overhead and the sea not far from our side...

All the elements weave together as we gather by sunset to immerse ourselves in sharing, meditation, mindfulness and Yin-Yang Flow Yoga, a fusion of body-opening yin postures, dynamic full-body flows, and centering pranayama to liberate you in body, mind, and spirit.

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OLHÃO - ORGANIC MARKET | Every Wednesday

From 10 July, I will join the amazing organic market in Olhão every Wednesday. Not with fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, crafts or wine... but with chair massages! In this stunning place I will relieve you from tension and stress. You will be ready for another round of shopping, or to go home with a smile. Under my magical hands you will experience deep relaxation...

A special location asks for a special price!
30 minutes on my chair will only set you back € 15,-

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The Algarve - Encontro D'Alma | 12 July

Everything you need is within you. You already have the capacity for happiness, fulfillment and greatness. You just need to uncover it. How? By embracing the still but powerful energy of Yin Yoga, which is all about grounding and turning inward. Yin Yoga is a calm, healthy and slow-paced and meditative form of yoga that improves circulation in the joints and creates awareness of one’s inner silence, feelings, sensations and emotions. 

Join the last Yin Yoga session at Encontro D'Alma in Faro and go on a journey through the elements and corresponding organs, a defining aspect of Yin Yoga. 

On 12 July, the last session before summer, we focus on the earth element. When we are connected to the earth there is a palpable sense of groundedness, a connection to the center of ourselves and the center of all things.

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Amersfoort - MOOD | 30 June

Would you like to broaden your horizon by learning about a different type of massage? Come to the Yoga Massage intro day at MOOD massage institute to experience the powerful mix of yoga and massage. An ideal combination; both yoga and massage stimulate the flow of energy through the body and tackle any obstacles in that flow. 

Yoga Massage allows you to go deeper, it does not only involve the 'outside' of the body, but focuses on the inner body and mind as well. A nice addition to your knowledge and experience as a massage therapist. 

Including study material, tea, coffee, water and lunch.

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Amersfoort -ICOONtheater | 17 October

Music truly speaks where words fail. A concert can rejuvenate your soul. Research has proven that listening to music relieves pain and reduces stress. It causes a lightness of the spirit...  And the effect is even stronger while lying down and meditating.

This fall, Caroline Schmitt and I will be organizing a lie down meditation benefit concert for CliniClowns together with ICOONtheater. During this concert you have the possibility to lie down and let everything wash over you.

Love and compassion – they are the key to a better future. They are not just something reserved for your partner or yourself. Most of the proceeds will be gifted to the CliniClowns, an organization that lets sick and handicapped children and people that suffer from dementia forget their illness.

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COMING SOON in the Netherlands 

More info on my Facebook and website, or send an email to
Intro Day Yoga Massage MOOD,

10:00 - 15:30
14, 15

19, 20
Yoga Massage I MOOD, Amersfoort
10:00 - 15:30
Meditation Benefit Concert
'Together in Harmony'

20:00 - 21:30
XXL lesson: The Road to Deep Relaxation BINDI,

19:00 - 21:30
23, 24
A Deeper Touch of Yin:
Yin Yoga & Yoga Massage
Pure Energy Yoga,

10:00 - 16:30
Yin Yoga with Live Piano Concert
'Coming Home to Yourself'
't Derde Erf: Enjoy

19:00 - 21:30
COMING SOON in Portugal 

More info on my Facebook and website, or send an email to
5 Elements Yin Yoga Encontro D'Alma
Fri 18:00 - 19:30
Rooftop Sunset Yoga Session & Gathering Casa Fuzetta
18:00 - 21:30

See you soon on the mat!
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