Everyone is a TEACHER... ♥
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Everyone is a teacher...

No one comes into your life by accident. Everyone that crosses your path serves a purpose

Everyone who comes into our lives has something to teach us. We all learn from one another on some level whether we notice it or not. Connections with our 'teachers' come in many forms, as a flow of 'meaningful coincidences' in our lives.

Some people come into our lives to remind us of something important. They awaken certain knowledge within us and help to understand this knowledge. People like this may even shake your reality. Others make us grow and help us become better versions of ourselves. They are there for us in our time of need and because of them, we are able to better understand who we are and who we are meant to be.

There are connections that will remain a part of our life forever, as a support system. Your bond with people like that will be far stronger than anything you could have ever imagined... But some connections will be short-lived, fleeting. That does not mean their lesson will be less important or impressive. Unfortunately, some people will make you wish that you had never met them. They might even break your heart. Remember, negativity is important for growth as well! 

I try to value all my connections, they are all meaningful in their own way... My students, the people I meet in the streets, my partner, my family, my friends, my dogs... Everyone that crosses my path is my teacher as well, and I owe them for where I am today. The universe knows what I can handle. I embrace it all!

No matter how you look at it, everyone's best teacher and guide is and will always remain the heart. Open yourself up to its voice and listen carefully.

Where will you meet your next teacher? It might be at one of my events... 

Love, Sanne

the Algarve -
Olhão | 11 Nov - 9 Dec - 6 Jan - 3 Feb

The winter can leave you more susceptible to lethargy, restlessness, and maybe even the winter blues. When we are cold, our circulation decreases, which not only slows the effectiveness of the organs, it also lowers our body temperature even more. This can lead to constriction in the muscles, joints and even our perspective.
That is why we say... unbundle yourself, roll out your mat and join us! 

The doors of the enchanting Casa Fuzetta in the heart of O
lhão will open for four cozy Winter Wellness Yoga Sessions to get us through winter. Lazy Sundays on which we will discover the warm light within ourselves through Yin & Yang Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra accompanied by magical live piano music that thaws your heart... We will focus on other sounds that deepen your relaxation and experience as well. Feel the harmony!

The proceeds for the session on January 6 will fund fun activities for children in need, organised by the foundation David works for. 

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BINDI, the Netherlands | 25 November

The practice of deep relaxation is the purest antidote for stress and can combat a whole host of conditions that affect mind and body. In November, I will return to BINDI to lead you on the road that leads to deep relaxation. This workshop includes Yin Yoga, Meditation and a long Yoga Nidra session.
It is a great way to treat yourself in this busy, hectic world!

Yin Yoga is a relatively calm form of yoga that requires meditative attention. It creates more space in head, heart and body. Yoga Nidra is an important step on the road to deep relaxation; it is a state of conscious deep sleep, in which you do not actually fall asleep. It combines visualization with intention and breathing techniques. 1 hour Yoga Nidra can feel like 4 hours worth of real sleep!
Try it yourself...

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This was the last newsletter for 2018. I hope to welcome you at the last events of this year. A new edition, with new plans for 2019, will come out in January. I'm looking forward to it! For a little sneak peak you can check out the agenda below. I'm wishing you a wonderful end of 2018, with lots of love, warmth and inspiration. 

Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator.

COMING SOON in the Netherlands 

More info on my Facebook and website, or send an email to
The Road to Deep Relaxation BINDI,

14:00 - 16:30
19, 20

16, 17
Yoga Massage Full Course MOOD, Amersfoort
10:00 - 15:30
Chakra Meditation & Ginger Relaxation Nandita,

19:00 - 21:30
Chakra Meditation & Ginger Relaxation BINDI,

14:00 - 17:00
Intro Day Yoga Massage MOOD,

10:00 - 15:30
14, 15

19, 20
Yoga Massage Full Course MOOD, Amersfoort
10:00 - 15:30
23, 24
A Deeper Touch of Yin:
Yin Yoga & Yoga Massage
Pure Energy Yoga,

10:00 - 16:30
COMING SOON in Portugal 

More info on my Facebook and website, or send an email to
11 Nov
9 Dec 
6 Jan
3 Feb        
Winter Wellness Yoga Sessions Casa Fuzetta, Olhão
14:30 - 18:30
15 - 19
Summer Full Moon Retreat Casa Danielle, 
Santa Bårbara de Nexe
Mon 15:00 - Fri 12:00

See you soon on the mat!
Photo credits: Isla Grossi
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