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All you need is less: Five strategies for successful decluttering

Decluttering feels great. Sometimes our homes and our lives get crowded out with the stuff we accumulate – clothes, books, magazines, gifts, knick-knacks, cosmetics, old gadgets – the list is endless. November is the perfect time to free yourself and your family from the clutter around you. National Recycling Week runs from 9—15 November, providing a reminder to re-use, re-purpose, upcycle, recycle or throw out stuff you don’t need. Use these five strategies to get started:
  1. Pick your battle. Clutter can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start. Choose one shelf, one counter or one drawer and start there. You will be buoyed by your success and ready to tackle the next challenge.
  2. Schedule a clutter-busting session. Set aside a time to declutter. Try one hour on a Sunday afternoon. Focus on decluttering for the whole time and schedule your next session.
  3. Haven’t worn it for a year? Donate it. Line up all the hangers in your wardrobe so they face the same way. When you wear an item and return it to the wardrobe, change the direction of the hanger. After 12 months, donate all of the clothes you haven’t worn. It will clear out your wardrobe and provide clothing for those in need.
  4. Four boxes to freedom. Take four boxes with you to the shelf, cupboard or room you’re decluttering. Box one is for items you want to keep and use. Box two is for items you need to store. Box three is for items to donate or sell. Box four is for rubbish. EVERY item needs to be placed in a box.
  5. One-in, one-out. That shiny new coffee mug grabs your attention and is reasonably priced – are you going to buy it? What if bringing it home meant you had to donate one of your old coffee mugs? This is the idea behind one-in, one-out. Only allow new things into your home if you are willing to rid yourself of an old thing, making you think twice about that purchase and keeping your clutter under control.
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Young re-inventor of the year

Young people will solve problems and put their creativity to the test in this exciting initiative that encourages you to reuse, repurpose and upcycle used items instead of throwing them away. Enter for your chance to share in $3000 in sustainability prizes!

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Get back on your bike

Saturday 7 and 14 November
8:30 am - 11:30 am
City of Belmont Civic Centre, 215 Wright Street Cloverdale

Ladies bike skills course to build your confidence and get you back on your bike. 

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Summer energy savers

Thursday 10 November
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
Pinjarra Senior's Expo

Find out how to cut your summer energy bills as part of the Pinjarra Senior's Expo.

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How to build a green business

Saturday 14 and 28 November
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Canning River Eco Education Centre, Queens Park Road Wilson
Cost: $25

A green business idea is one which is good for people, the planet and of course for profit.

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Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre

Sunday 15 November
9:00 am – 11:00 am 
Kaarakin Cockatoo Conservation Centre
Enjoy fantastic views of the city and a unique look at one of Western Australia's most important wildlife conservation projects.

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Night stalks

Friday 20 November
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm 
Mary Carroll Park, Gosnells

Join local naturalist Marc Lane to explore sights and sounds of a wetland at night.

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Eco Christmas ideas

Sunday 22 November
10:00 am – Noon 
Canning River Eco Education Centre, Queens Park Road Wilson 

Learn how to make eco decorations, cards and wrappings. 

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Blessing of the river

Sunday 29 November
11:00 am – 3:00 pm 
Shelley Beach Foreshore Park, Riverton Drive, Shelley 

An eco-conservation event to draw attention to the fragility and beauty of the Swan Canning River Park.

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Waste, worms and compost

Friday 6 November
10:00 am - Noon
99 the Boulevard, Floreat

Learn the basics of worm farming and composting and turn your waste into a valuable garden resource.

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Your house - heritage and eco-ideas day

Saturday 7 November
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
244 Vincent Street, Leederville

A one-stop-shop for all you need to restore, maintain, renovate and extend your heritage or character house to make it a truly sustainable home.

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Multicultural food fair

Friday 13 November
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Langford Oval, Langford

Come and visit Switch your thinking and Transition Town Gosnells to learn about waste reduction, pledge to reduce litter, take part in community litter prevention and receive a re-usable coffee cup or drink bottle thanks to support from a Keep Australia Beautiful Community Litter Grant.

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Christmas gifts in jars

Sunday 15 November
10:00 am – Noon
Canning River Eco Education Centre, Queens Park Road Wilson
Cost: $25

Not sure what to do with all your empty jars? Turn them into original and affordable Christmas gifts.

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Food scraps to fertiliser composting workshop

Thursday 19 November
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Outside Ruth Faulkner Public Library 215 Wright Street, Cloverdale 

Turn your kitchen waste back into food, via your garden.

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The biology of soil health

Saturday 21 November
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
Polo Kidogo, Parry Road, Serpentine

An informative evening on soil health and it's relation to plant health and human health.

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Nature rambles in Ellis Brook Valley

Sunday 22 November
9:00 am – 11:30 am 
Meet at Darling Range Wildlife Shelter

Enjoy a guided walk through Ellis Brook Valley with naturalist Marc Lane.

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Handmade decorations

Sunday 29 November
10:00 am – Noon 
Canning River Eco Education Centre, Queens Park Road Wilson 

Enjoy making some Christmas keepsakes with your child, and let their imaginations decorate the Christmas tree this year. 

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