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Feeling Out of Sorts? Here are my "Top 5 Mindfulness Tips to Take Back Control of Your Life, Leverage your Internal Power and Overcome Being Overwhelmed!
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When was the last time you felt completely in control of your life, "as if" everything was flowing and you didn't have a care in the world?  Can you picture it? YOU, freely flowing through life, centered and mindful, worry-free, believing that all would be well and not caught up in the daily grind? Close your eyes and go back to when and where you can see it. To where you can feel it....

What does that look and feel like? Is that feeling on your "To Be" List? Is it represented on your Vision Board?

I don't know about you, but lately I've caught myself feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of sorts. And I'm normally a very in control person as a result of years of having to take care off things on my own. The transformational shift I've experienced the last 3-1/2 years has given me the gift of flowing through life much more easily, stress-free and worry-free.
So when I have a moment, or days, when I'm feeling out of control, it hits me harder, because I  know I can do and BE better. I also know that these moments are when I'm being stretched, challenged and set up for something more - usually bigger and better. And this is what I needed t to remind myself of and what I hope to help you with when you have these moments, as we all will at some point.

This picture of my kids on one of our traditional beach vacations captures the essence of what many of us would love to feel again - that child-like innocence, flowing feeling through life, perhaps even skipping, taking it all in and embracing the moment without a care in the world.

Not sure about you, but I strive for more moments like this and to create a life where I feel more like this on a regular basis. This "feeling" is both on my personal To Be List and pictured on my Vision Board.

But how do we overcome these moments? Life will hit us, sometimes harder than others. And when it rains it will often pour down on us all at once - like the torrential downpour I experienced a couple of weeks ago. It's a part of life and our personal and spiritual growth.
What's important is what we DO with it and how we RISE ABOVE it, BEome stronger and BEcome better as a result!

As I was facing these overwhelming, out of sorts feelings the last couple of weeks, I had to stop and remind myself of how I would coach one of my clients in this situation, or what I would say to a friend.
As I got still and practiced the strategies I teach and coach, I not only instantly felt better but when I changed the way I reacted to the perceived chaos around me, everything started to fall into place, flow better and more easily, and it all worked out. When I leveraged my internal power, the external out of control, overwhelming circumstances started to change, flow more easily, fall into place and I got my peace (of mind) back.

So, Here are my Top 5 Mindfulness Tips to Take Back Control, Leverage You Internal Power & Overcome Being Overwhelmed

1. Get Still and Go Silent & Take A Deep Breath
Unplug, close your eyes (Remember Weekly Wellness Bite, What Do You See?), get still and just get silent with yourself. Ideally get outdoors in nature, away from the noise. Take 4 deep breaths in through your nose and exhale any fear-based or negative thoughts out, releasing your exhaled breaths through your nose.

2. Practice Gratitude
This is a game changer! If you don't already, write down 3-5 things you are grateful for every day, either first thing in the morning or at bedtime. Focus on the little things, which often sheds light on what's really important and away from the things that have us so worked up that don't really matter and aren't worth the energy we are giving to it.

3. Visualize Your Desired Outcome
For my creative visualization students and practitioners, refer back to your Vision Board and your To Be List. After you get still, visualize how you want your life, or the situation to feel and look. Visualize your desired outcome, believe it to be so and take action to change your behavior and responses.

4. Declare a Positive Affirmation and Act "As If"
One of my favorite, most transformational habits is to practice positive affirmations. I've seen it work in my own life and countless others. We have the internal power to change our lives - and an out of sorts moment - by changing our thoughts, so when we declare an affirmation to help us through difficult times or an overwhelming moment, we can take back control and help overcome it.
It can be as simple as declaring out loud, "All Is Well", or "All Will Be Well", or "I Am:  Supported, Safe, Loved, Strong, Grateful, Healthy, Joyful, Happy, In Control Of My Life, etc. Fill in the blank for what you are needing and wanting, then believe it and act As If it's already so.

5. Remember to take it all One Bite At A Time
Last but mot least, the practice that has carried me through since my husband suddenly passed away and my life was turned upside down, the mantra that has helped transform the way I react and approach life to live more joyously and peacefully is to remember when faced with an overwhelming or difficult situation or stretch of time, "How do you eat an elephant? One Bite At A Time'. Take a deep breath and break it down one bite at a time, with faith that all will be well.

With Love and Light, Susan

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