Spring 2019

The Chairman's Note

Checking up on Today’s Political News

What is your primary news source?  Is it internet, cable TV, talk radio, social media or a combination of two or more of the above?  Regardless of the source, at the end of the day what you ingest is hilarious, confusing, alarming, amazing and most of all, totally frightening. At first we look at the shenanigans of the Democrat Party and on its face there seem to be a constant Saturday Night Live skit being acted out before us.  Therefore the first reaction is to laugh ourselves ‘silly.’  But, upon closer examination the reality sets in that what we are seeing, reading and hearing is not a skit, but it is an insidious dogma that is dear to the heart of some very impaired and warped minds which spew it out. 

Now it is no longer funny (or confusing) but alarming because our minds run to pondering what would life be like under a governmental system that empowered Democrats to put these perverted concepts into play.  Once again our mental position again shifts and it becomes a deep gnawing sense of alarm as we realize we live one election day away from our future being controlled by a group of mad genies that might be impossible to put back into the bottle. The final stage of our mental review now moves to a state of abject fear.

But fear, when used properly, can be a very useful tool.  Are we afraid of life under the new Democrats system? Then the next question to be answered; are we, because of this fear, ready to totally commit everything within our power (that is possible for us to do) to stopping the warped ideology of the Democrats from gaining one victory, and to losing what they now have. Its decision time, let’s do our part to remove Democrat Doug Jones.

Joan Reynolds
Shelby County GOP
Shelby GOP at Celebrate Hoover Day
We had a great time at Celebrate Hoover Day at Veterans Park this weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We’ll be making the rounds of the various festivals in Shelby County over the coming months, including Alabaster City Fest on June 1st at Thompson High School and Liberty Day in Columbiana on June 28th and 29th . Stop by! We’d love to see you.

Shelby County Commission Update

Dear Shelby County GOP members:

When Chairperson Reynolds asked me to write an article updating you all on the current events in Shelby County, I was excited to be able to share items the Commission has accomplished and looking forward to completing.

I will cover several areas of focus that the Shelby County Commission feels will benefit our current and future residents throughout the 808 square miles of Shelby County.

The Commission has:

  • Approved the largest paving and resurfacing project in county history using solely local county highway revenues equaling $6,325,112;
  • Provided funding for nineteen(19) major road and/or bridge infrastructure projects throughout the county, with some engaging local city partners in the projects; approved additional funding for Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and County Jail;
  • Approved additional funding for additional Behavioral Health Professionals for Children & Adolescents directly applicable to continued School Safety Enhancement Actions and Wellness initiatives for public school systems located within the county along with community based service;
  • Successfully added two additional partners to the county’s COMPACT 2020 Initiative and Operating Unit, the City of Montevallo and the City of Helena. We now having 6 of the original 7 targeted partners, cities with 5,000 plus population (funding, personnel and community based collaborative strategies);
  • Authorized the continued expansion of the Shelby County Landfill along with the implementation of a Methane Gas Collection System that is currently being used to destroy harmful gases and that will later be converted over to a power production system to generate “green-friendly” electricity/power;
  • Authorized the major expansion of the Shelby County Department of Human Resources (state agency and operations) Building;
  • Added another airplane hangar that houses 12 planes at the Shelby County Airport, all occupied and the based airplane growth onsite: 67 in 2008 to 142 through 2018 and 112% increase, with still a waiting list for fully enclosed hangars;
  • Provided major funding assistance to the new Shelby County Arts Center building and exterior park amenities at Old Mill Square in Columbiana;
  • Provided for additional and continued major funding support to the University of Montevallo for the student retention and expansion;
  • Provided for another major investment to the American Village campus in Montevallo;
  • Numerous Park & Recreation projects all over the county – Beeswax Creek on Lay Lake, Columbiana, Chelsea, Pelham, Helena, Alabaster, Hoover, Montevallo, Calera and unincorporated areas with some being finished and others underway;
  • An analysis of the current social service agencies (non-profits that are providing various community based services for residents and animals) and the related county funding and strategic planning practices, a community survey to be released soon.

I would like to thank our Shelby County Manager, Alex Dudchock, who assisted me with providing you with these areas of focus that continue to make Shelby County the top county in the state. We are pleased with the progress throughout the entire county and we look forward to the growth and other exciting things to come.

Kindest Regards,

Mike Vest
Shelby County Commission, District 6

Legislative Update

This Legislative Session we have dealt with Infrastructure, Prisons, Workforce Development, Agriculture Issues, Health, Banking and Insurance, and have accomplished a great deal.  

The Regular Session is going into our 19th day on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.  We have until June 17, 2019 to complete 30 Session days.  

One Bill I am working involves our State wide 811 service (Call before you dig).  This Bill has passed the Senate and in now progressing in the House. This Bill addresses the one call notification system for Underground Utilities. Details about this bill can be found here.
Another Bill I have been working with deals with Asbestos Litigation and Alabama Companies SB45 has passed in the Senate and also the House Committee.  We are awaiting it coming to the House Floor hopefully this week.  You can read about it here.
Also, SB143 dealing with motor vehicles, fleet vehicles, licensing and registration thereof, provided, Revenue Dept. required to establish a fleet online tax system.  This has passed and is awaiting the the Governors signature.  This will save our County Revenue Commissioners time and money. You can learn more about it here.
We are continuing to work for our state and to represent the values of Shelby County.
Thank you for allowing me to represent you in Montgomery,
Dan Roberts
Alabama State Senate District 15

Get Involved! Join One of Our Clubs.

There are a variety of opportunities in Shelby County!

Republican Women of Shelby County

Our mission is to engage and equip our citizens with education, training, and an opportunity to impact the local political environment, with an eye toward positively effecting the county, state, and nation with proven principles of a fiscally sound, limited, and constitutional government.

Meets the third Saturday of every month at 1 PM in the Shelby County Services Building in Pelham.

Republican Women of North Shelby County

The objectives of our group are as follows:
  • To promote an informed electorate education of the practical political process
  • To increase the effectiveness of women through the electoral process
  • To facilitate cooperation among Republican Women’s Clubs
  • To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to work for the election of Republican candidates
  • To support the objectives and policies of NFRW, AFRW and the Republican Women of North Shelby County
Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30 PM at  Inverness Country Club.

Greater Birmingham Teenage Republicans

The Greater Birmingham Teenage Republicans club objective is to educate teens about Republican ideas and values through participation in social gatherings, meetings, campaigns & community service. Our purpose is to encourage young men and women to take part in the political process and to support the principles of the Republican Party.

Meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7 PM.  Locations vary, so check their Facebook page.

Mid-Alabama Republican Club

MARC is the largest club in Central Alabama, and one of the oldest Republican clubs in the state, serving both Shelby and Jefferson Counties.  Each month they hear from a featured guest speaker, and receive reports from members of the Legislature.

Meets the second Saturday of every month at 9 AM at the Vestavia Hills Public Library.
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