Dear residents, organizations, City and State representatives,

Thank you all for your civic engagement, participation and support in getting out the vote, and for prioritizing a safe and equitable process for this historic election!

This year, Lowell Votes partners were supported by the Massachusetts Voter Table to help us grow our capacity now and in coming years. Thanks to the help of over 50 organizational team members and volunteers, we were able to run and participate in several local and statewide phone or text banking sessions throughout the month, in English, Spanish and Khmer, in addition to outreach and canvassing efforts. We distributed nearly 1,000 voter guides in English and Spanish across the city, and made 10,000 attempts to reach, remind and answer questions for Lowell voters, having many wonderful conversations. We look forward to welcoming new organizational or civic group members into this Coalition, to reach more Lowell residents, expand language access, and to support the transition to Lowell’s new hybrid system at the local level next year.

The Lowell Votes Coalition would also like to share our gratitude to the City of Lowell’s Election’s Department, Commission and poll workers. We thank them for their efforts as they followed how Covid-19 was to impact procedures. Early voting, locked ballot boxes along with keeping the polling locations staffed on Election Day all made a tremendous difference in ensuring safe and accessible voting participation for as many as possible during this pandemic. We also wish to thank our State and local partners: the Secretary of State’s Office, for being responsive to the needs of our non-English speaking voters; the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and many others for providing resources for voter protection, and the Massachusetts Voter Table for supporting several Democracy Hubs like ours across the state.

As we expected, it will take longer than usual to count our votes and verify a winner this year. Our election includes 51 separate counts across the states and Washington, D.C. Each is administered by qualified officials who take their job of counting eligible votes seriously. Ballots are tracked from start to finish and verified to ensure that each voter casts one ballot and that every eligible vote cast is counted accurately.

With record numbers of voters casting ballots across the country, despite challenging division and uncertainty, it is safe to say that our democracy is in many ways alive and well! As we wait to see the final results of the 2020 election, let us reflect on these rights and privileges we work to uphold. This democratic process is at the core of our civil society, and those values, of respecting people from all walks of life such that we can be collectively informed and make the best decisions for all of us; this is a vision does not end after the votes have been counted. A healthy and equitable democracy is not a given, it is a way of life that must be fostered and protected for all voters, regardless of party, race, language, identity or creed. Standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, let us continue to educate ourselves and one another, stay engaged and ensure equity is always a priority.

Whatever the results, we will know that the voters have decided. Let us learn from 2020 and not forget that we are one people. We are all facing common threats and challenges but all are experiencing and being affected by these challenges differently. Let us not get lost in any one narrative but ensure we hold space for the diversity of perspectives that make our community unique and strong. Every voice and every vote counts.

In Solidarity,
Lowell Votes Coalition
Copyright © 2020 Coalition for a Better Acre, All rights reserved.

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