Celebration of Mongolian Spirit

Grasslands Reserve and Lakeside Destination Resort        

Dear Friend of Robert Edson Swain Architecture + Design,

We are excited to share with you a glimpse of our current project in partnership with the Blue Whale Group in Inner Mongolia, China.

Surrounded by vast grasslands, endless steppes, and winding waterways, this existing lake is uniquely located near historic Mongolian sites.  However, the lake habitat itself has been polluted and over-grazed. 

This project will create a variety of luxurious destination resort amenities within a natural grasslands reserve; a beautiful place set aside for the protection of natural habitat, enjoyment of nature, and experience of Mongolian culture and heritage.  

The grasslands reserve area will include a destination resort, private forest villas, a modern yurt outpost, village and festival grounds, a public park, adjacent theme park, as well as countless landscape activities and luxurious amenities.  From local residents to 5-star international hotel guests, these reserve areas will provide unique Mongolian steppe experiences for every visitor.

Hotels, shopping, and festival grounds will create a village at the northeast edge of the lake for music, hot air balloon, and traditional Mongolian festivals.

The resort will lift above the ground plane, allowing the forest habitat to permeate the site.  By also limiting the resort’s height to the existing tree line, the resort decreases its visual impact on the site, allowing the larger reserve to maintain it’s open, wild, and natural character for all to enjoy.  

Our site is located on the edge of Inner Mongolia, a large province in northern China. This central location is convenient to Beijing and various nearby tourist activities, such as the Shangdu Ruins, Blue Whale Group's Wuhua Meadows, the Great Wall, and the future site of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Chongli.


Guyuan Swan Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Blue Whale Group)
Shi Yang; Si Hui Ming Architecture Landscape Planning Design Co., Ltd.
Li Yan; Beijing Ying Chi Technology Co., Ltd.

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