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#Spring 2018 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

Just a little while longer before we officially transition into summer mode, and the olives in our two groves are starting their wondrous journey towards your kitchen, culminating in the autumn during our next harvest period.

Lots of wondrous journeys happening inside as well - multiple new international awards for our EVOOs, a new Fair Trade certification, a focus on selling our products on Amazon, cooking classes at our Visitors Center, and so much more.

We hope you cam join us, either in person or virtually, on these exciting journeys!

Yours as always,
Hadas Lahav

June 2018


Our olive oils have won an impressive roster of medals and awards over the past few months, placing them at the top of the list of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils from across the globe. In fact, our organic olive oil was chosen as one of the 100 best olive oils in the world and will be sold soon as part of a limited edition.

You can find the full list of medals on our awards page.
One of Israel's foremost olive oil experts, Ehud Soriano, had this to say: "Three Israeli products in the top 100 best olive oils in the world! This is not by chance. The Israeli olive oil industries is getting better with each season and the quality is improving by leaps and bounds. This will improve even more as more olive oil producers realize that they should participate in international competitions. Investment leads to excellence!"

These wins were covered in Forward - Is fair trade olive oil the future of the middle east?, and in Masa (Hebrew) - Every drop of Sindyanna's olive oils represents their social and economic agenda.


A dozen women from Kfar Kanna recently finished a catering course led by chef Omar Elwan at our visitors centers, and their meals are now upgrading the experience for visitors to Sindyanna.

A tourist group that recently visited our center received a unique experience - the traditional food with a modern healthy touch was especially tasty, and the colorful beautiful plating was truly memorable. The group was so enthusiastic that they asked to meet the cook, Nasrin Zraiki, and generously complimented her work. "You can't imagine how excited I was," said Nasrin. "I started to see the results of the catering course where we learned that cooking is a window into different cultures. I hope I go far in my new profession, and that I can promote myself and my family both economically and socially."

The mouth-watering photos below are from the graduation ceremony which was held at Sindyanna's Visitors Center on April 30.


We're very happy to announce that we recently received wonderful gifts for our organic olive  grove in Roha - a new water pump and a computer-operated watering system. Now, with a cell phone app, we can turn the water flow in the grove on and off, regardless of our location, and know in real-time how much water each tree gets. This helps us lovingly tend our olives to ensure the best results when it is time to harvest them.

The bees in Foad Kelany's hives also help our trees, and you can purchase their honey at our center as well.


Another thing we're very happy to announce is that after an auditing process that took more than a year, and included two inspector visits and countless forms to fill out, the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) approved Sindyanna as a fair trade organization under the WFTO brand, meaning that we can use the WFTO product label and mark on our products. The WFTO brand provides "a credible Guarantee System that adheres to the goal of Fair Trade - trade that delivers sustainable livelihoods and just economy, and help Fair Trade Organizations, especially small producers, escape from marginalization."


Last but certainly not least, we're very happy to have received lots of attention from Jewish communities around the world. For example, the Ikar LA congregation received Purim gift baskets which included Sindyanna's fair trade olive oil and za'atar.

Here's what they had to say afterwards, and before coming to visit us soon - "We've gotten amazing feedback on our Mishloah Manot and the Sinydanna products this year, and we would love to be able to come visit with our congregation and connect our community with Sindyanna directly."

We hope readers of this newsletter from all places and faiths will follow the Ikar example by introducing Sindyanna to their congregations and communities - purchase our products directly on Amazon, buy them in bulk as holiday gifts, and come to visit our center the next time they're in Israel!
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