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#Summer 2018 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

The summer heat is upon us, but that doesn't mean the Sindyanna team is slowing down. Just like the olives growing in our groves, we are going strong throughout the summer months building up to our next harvest in the autumn.

In addition to our latest international awards, for which we received great media coverage, we hosted multiple local and international groups at our visitors center, worked with our honey producer to get ready for the new year, prepared some excellent cooking tips for you, and so much more.

Read below for more about our activities - a yummy treat is waiting for you at the end!

Yours as always,
Hadas Lahav

August 2018


Last time I mentioned that the Ikar LA congregation received Purim gift baskets which included our fair trade olive oil and za'atar. Inspired by this, they paid us a visit last month, and here's what Melissa Balaban, their Founder/Executive Director, had to say:

"We recently returned from an IKAR Israel trip. One of our most moving experiences was a visit to Sindyanna, an Israeli/Jewish/Arab women’s collective that makes amazing, fair trade organic products.  We were all incredibly inspired by what they are doing and are motivated to help their business. This past year we used their award-winning olive oil and zaatar in our mishloah manot and got rave reviews."

The thousands of visitors who come to our center every year enjoy unique workshops run by the women of Sindyanna including olive oil tasting and basket weaving. The photo below is from a group that recently visited us and took part in a za'atar making workshop.


Now you can finally judge a book by its cover; or, in our case, judge the olive oil by its bottle! We are happy to announce that our Extra Peaceful Olive Oil brand has received a Silver Medal in the category of Best Retail Design. This was announced on June 13th at the Evooleum Packaging Awards in Madrid, one of the best known and most prestigious events in the field.
This extraordinary award adds to a long list of international recognition for our olive oils, including being chosen as one of the 100 best olive oils in the world, also at this year’s EVOOLEUM event. We will be releasing a limited edition of that EVOO - only 1000 bottles which will be sold in the US at Fairway Market as part of the chain's Israeli campaign (September 28 - October 18).

For more about this read 'Among the World's Best, An Israeli Olive Oil'.

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that you can now buy our selection of olive oils on Amazon, as well as multiple other stores. We also offers discounts to communities and workplaces, and a variety of holiday gift baskets!


Sindyanna's delicious and nutritious honey comes from the Kilany family's beehives. We sell their honey in jars and also use it as a natural additive to our olive oil and honey soaps. In the photo below is Ibrahim Kilany who started the family business, and you can read more about him on our web site.

The honey is especially wonderful this time of the year ahead of the Jewish New Year which is typically celebrated with apples dipped in honey, and makes a great holiday gift by itself or as part of a gift package that also includes Sindyanna's olive oil, za'atar, soap, and other products (one example in the photo below).


This is a question we get a lot so we decided to ask our resident olive oil expert, Ehud Soriano. Here's what he had to say:

"It has been scientifically proven that it is better to use olive oil for cooking and frying compared to other refined oils such as soy, canola, sunflower and corn. I know some of you may be skeptical, but you need to make sure you're using only virgin olive oil of the best quality since it has the most anti-oxidants and can maintain its quality during the frying process.

The misconception that you shouldn't use olive oil for frying is a based on a simple misunderstanding. Natural olive oils contain water molecules that evaporate when you start heating up the oil. People mistake this evaporation for smoke and conclude that olive oil isn't good for cooking.

I recommend using only extra virgin olive oil that comes from a source you know who harvested the olives and produced the oil. Of course, it's always preferable to find fair trade olive oil, so that your heart can enjoy it, not just your palate. You can use the olive oil that is left afterward for many purposes, including oiling door hinges, lighting fires and making candles."

On our website, you can find a delicious recipe for cauliflower with tahini that involves frying with olive oil. I promise that it will leave you wanting more!
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