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#End of Year 2018 Newsletter

Dear friends of Sindyanna,

Another year has gone by and now is the time to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year. We also want to update you about our recent activities, including the 2018 communal harvest, our Amazon store, the Bread & Roses event, and our bilingual cooking class (including a valuable cooking tip) so scroll down and enjoy!

Yours as always,
Hadas Lahav

December 2018


The tradition continues - every year during harvest season we meet at Sindayanna’s fair trade olive grove in the Jezreel Valley. The social harvest at our Scottish Grove always reminds us of all that is good and beautiful in our Arab-Jewish collaboration, and the power of being involved in a positive social movement. 

A big thank you to all our volunteers who came from all across the country to help us harvest our lovely olive grove. Everyone picked, packed, washed, sorted, mixed and filled, and in the end got a jar of olives to take home. 

The varietal we picked is called ‘kadishon’, and it was planted in 2012 in the area we set aside for new varietals that were developed by the Volcani Institute. If you missed the harvest, you’re always welcome to stop by our visitors center at Kfar Kanna in the Galilee, taste the new olives, and buy some of the olive oil to come out of our first harvest!

BTW, it’s very easy to pickle green olives - all you have to do is wash them, put them in a jar, cover them in a 10% salt water solution (you’ll know it’s about 10% when you put a fresh egg in the water and it floats), seal the jar, and wait a month. You can add lemon, garlic and spices, or not - they’ll come out great in any case.


At this special time of year, we offer our Fair Trade olive oil as the ideal gift for your family and friends. Sold separately or as a gift pack, our olive-oil is a unique, original and useful gift that supports women empowerment through employment in agriculture and Arab-Jewish coexistence and collaboration in Israel.  

You can now find Sindyanna's superb olive oil at Fairway Market (see photo below) or order it on Amazon - every purchase directly supports our causes and allows us to invest in social programs in Israel and to create real social change.

There are many ways in which you can support and be part of the change: 
1. Order our olive oil on Amazon and then don't forget to review it.
2. Take a selfie with our bottle or take a photo of it in your kitchen and send us the photo.
3. Get your friends to buy the oil (regularly, if possible).
4. Like our page on Facebook and register to get our quarterly newsletter (using the "subscribe" box).
5. Stay in touch! Let us know if you wish to become part of our family and help us spread the word. 


For 13 years Sindyanna of Galilee, together with Workers Organization WAC-MAAN, has conducted an annual art sale whose proceeds go to the project Women and Work. Hundreds of artists, Jewish and Arab, many from the very first rank in Israel, have contributed to the exhibition over the years. 75% of the proceeds go to finding jobs for thousands of Arab women, and 25% are given to the donating artists.

For this event, we produced a special Hope Inside bag. Available at our visitors center or contact us to order yours!


The first three hour session of our bilingual cooking workshop produced delicious results using Sindyanna’s award-winning olive oil. Everyone is welcome to sign up for our future sessions!

Nadia and Hanan showed our participants the secrets of the local Arab cuisine by teaching them how to make stuffed vegetables - in this case, grape leaves (warak dawali), zucchinis (kousa mahshi) and peppers (filfil mahshi). The class ended with a joint meal where we all enjoyed the yummy and beautiful dishes.

As one of the participants, Judith Inbar, later wrote “(Sindyanna) is an amazing place! My stuffed peppers were a success, my zucchinis were middling, and my grape leaves still need work. But the important thing I learned is the secret of putting slices of tomato and lemon at the bottom of the pot, and pouring a lot of olive oil on the rice before you stuff the vegetables, and on the pot before you start cooking.”
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