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We are excited to now offer you the option to buy your favourite books on credit and pay over 2 months in 3 easy interest-free payments! No credit checks are necessary all you need to do is select the "Payfast" payment method at checkout and choose the "MoreTyme" option in the payment portal.

Buying books on credit has never been easier! South Africa's birding, wildlife and nature-focused bookstore with over 550 titles available in 20 categories for the whole family.

Free delivery to your door in South Africa on orders over R950-.

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We are excited to announce that we will now be selling products from Bookstorm Publishers, We have added some great titles to our collection of Braai Books and a few travel guides and travel-related books 

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The WildBooks Team's Top Picks

The entire team at WildBooks are passionate about everything nature, wildlife and travel. Every Month two staff members get to pick their favourite books to recommend to you! These are those books! 

Medicinal Plants of the World (Revised edition)

The book gives the reader a bird’s eye view of more than 350 of the best-known medicinal plants of the world and their uses, in a compact, colourful and scientifically accurate reference text. It provides quick answers to the most obvious questions: Where does this plant originate? What does it look like? In which culture is it traditionally used? What is it used for? Which chemical compounds does it contain? How safe is it? What is known about its pharmacological activity? What evidence is there that it is effective?


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Passes en Poorts

Passes & Poorts – South Africa features more than 80 best-loved Passes en Poorts. South Africa’s scenic mountain routes offer travellers ea sy passages into the rugged splendour of wild and remote areas where nature reigns supreme. Many still follow ancient animal migration routes; others are modern engineering masterpieces that challenge gravity.

South Africa’s Favourite Passes & Poorts provides a detailed guide to more than 80 of the best-loved ones and is packed with information to enrich readers’ driving experience, from fauna and flora to the personalities behind the passes.


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Wild Fact of the Month

"Wild Fact of the Month" is a monthly feature in our e-mail newsletter where we extract interesting facts and bits of information from one of our many books to share with you. A sneak peek if you will. 

Why do the eyes of animals shine at night?

This crazy phenomenon is caused by a reflective layer at the back of the eye. This layer helps to improve the vision of these animals at night. The phenomenon occurs mostly in nocturnal species where acute sight in low light is a prerequisite for survival.

The reflective layer is made up of reflective cellular crystals called the tapetum lucidum. Light passing through the cells of the retina hits this layer and is reflected back through the cells, giving the brain two chances, as it were, to sample and refine the image.

This reflected light is what we interpret as the shining of the animal's eyes.  

Extracted and adapted from: Beat About The Bush Mammals and Birds
Photo By: Bradwin Adendorff

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