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After more than a year without hitting new highs, suffering through two market panics and the ridiculous “Brexit”, we sit here at record highs for the Dow Jones and S&P 500. In a span of roughly two weeks the market rallied nearly 10% catching the “smart money” completely off guard and cementing the fact that the market simply can’t be timed. 
I want to personally congratulate every one of you for staying the course, facing your fears, the media and the market volatility. It represents great teamwork, trust, perseverance and discipline not to give in to emotion and follow the herd. You did it during a very difficult period, bombarded with bad news and “crises” on a constant basis.
What Does This Mean?
In short, anyone who sold out during any of the previous market panic in US history was wrong to do so (no they didn’t get back in lower). This includes not only the 2000 tech crash, 9/11 and the entire 2008 financial crisis. Here’s a brief list of some other transitory panics over the past few years:
- H1N1 Virus Global Pandemic (2009) 
- “Overregulation” Fears (2009)       
- US Imminent Debt Crisis (2010)      
- Flash Crash & High Speed Trading (2010)      
- Deep Horizon Oil Spill (2010)        
- The Municipal Market Meltdown Panic (2010)    
- US Debt Downgrade (2011)        
- Eurocrisis (2011)
- The Fiscal Cliff (2011)
- Hurricane Sandy (2012) 
- US Government Shutdown (2012)    
- ISIS (2013)              
- QE 3 and the “Tapertantrum” (2013)
- Argentina Default (2014)
- Grexit (2015)
- Chinese Stock Market Crash (2015)
- Fed Hikes Interest Rates (2015)
- Interest Rates Falling (2015)
- Oil Crash (2016)      
- Brexit (2016)

What Can We Expect Now?
If you let it, market volatility will wear you out. It’s critically important to understand it’s completely normal in the context of history. Market corrections and crashes are nothing new and have been going on for hundreds of years. You can expect it for the rest of your life. The 24 hour news cycle is here to stay as is a market selloff every few years, if not every year. The key is to understand three things:
1) Each and every one of these market fits is and will be temporary
2) It’s up to you how you respond and what you choose to focus on during these times
3) Without a sound financial plan you have virtually no chance. 
In reviewing your life plan each year, we determine how much volatility you can tolerate and more importantly how much you need to tolerate to reach your goals. There’s no need to take unnecessary risk, but without a clear plan, how do you know?
We show you how changes in your portfolio affect not only short term volatility, but the chances of reaching the goals over your lifetime and live the life you desire. 
What’s the Lesson Here?
Having a plan and sticking to it beats market timing and panic…every time. My greatest value as your advisor is helping you navigate the scary times, avoid big mistakes, position you for your best life and keep you focused on the things that matter. Following a well designed life plan provides you more security, less stress and more time to focus on what you love.
Our ultimate purpose is helping you fulfill your life goals and we absolutely love what we do.
What About The Election? 
The election fears are heating up. I’ve got some sage advice for you that’ll save you a lot of time and unnecessary worry: Ignore it… completely. The only successful lifetime investment strategy is based on your life and your goals- not the market or an election. From an investment perspective, this election, like all others before it, is irrelevant to your life goals no matter what side of the aisle you sit. 
A Request
First, soak it in how impressive the last year+ has been for you. Celebrate the new highs, being properly invested and not making the big mistake. In a time where literally billions of dollars flew out of the equity market leaving more cash on the sidelines than at anytime in 15 years- we can proudly say: Not You. Where many were blown up with speculative investments, MLP’s and junk bonds, we can proudly say: Not You.  So grab a beer, bourbon or other cold beverage of your choice and enjoy that you’ve got a plan in place and a dedicated partner in us to keep you on track.
Lastly, it’s rare that I ask for things (other than estate doc’s and insurance contract info), but I'd like to ask a small favor. We work hard to be a great advisory team to you, always looking to get better and provide more value to you and your family. It’s no joke when we say Your Life is Our Passion. So here goes: Please don’t keep us a secret. Shout us out to those who you feel may benefit from an introduction to us and send ‘em our way. Tell people about how we help you and your family. If you’re not happy with us, tell us that too- we value your feedback and promise to get better.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!
Gavin Gleason, President & CEO 
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