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Market Update:
As I write this the Dow is approaching 17,000 with the S&P 500 near 2,000. Only a few weeks ago we were down 14.2% from the all-time high. This is interesting as 14.2% is the average annual intra year decline over the last 40 years. Therefore the most recent correction, in a historical context, with all the fear and panic of the media….was completely normal.
The massive 1,500 point rally in a little over 2 weeks proves once again that:
  • These times are not different (they never are)
  • It is impossible to time the market
  • Panic is not a strategy
  • Investor behavior is the most important determinant of success
  • Our biggest value to you as your advisor is to provide perspective, guidance and calm during these critical times
We want to remind you that we have year round shredding bins here and encourage you to please stop by and drop off any documents you would like shredded throughout the year. This is particularly helpful during tax season, but they are here year round for you.
We want to thank everyone for their responses to our survey. We had some great responses and will be implementing several new ideas from the feedback we received from you. We will also be reaching out to those to discuss specifically any other ideas or improvements.
Enjoy the articles below for this week.
Have a great weekend!
Gavin Gleason, President
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