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The markets continue to be volatile. These times can bring about a host of emotions and I welcome any questions or concerns you have. Just as you wouldn’t hide your symptoms from your doctor, please don’t hesitate to tell me your concerns. We’ll directly address your concerns, and provide perspective and clarity to help reduce your anxiety- that’s why I’m here.

If these swings are taking an emotional toll, you’re not alone, as pessimism has reached highs not seen in more than 10 years (more than 2008).  The good news is there a lot we can do to reduce anxiety regarding the markets and your money.  
What should you do?

Let’s talk. I’m here to help you act rationally under uncertainty. My biggest value as your professional advisor is to ensure you continue acting on a plan rather than reacting to the markets. We’ll get your financial life organized and ensure you’re crystal clear on what you own and where you stand.  

The average annual decline since 1975 has been 14%+ which makes the current decline completely ordinary by historical standards. I can’t tell you when this will come to an end (no one can), but if your long-term plan hasn’t changed, it’s a big mistake radically to alter your portfolio. Making big changes may make you feel better, but history shows it’s the wrong thing to do. 
Gavin Gleason, President
Why It’s Wrong To Sell Everything When Markets Fall
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